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Admissions Information

You can find information for admissions to each program here.

You can start your application through the NC State Graduate School Website here.

For questions regarding submitting application materials (English Proficiency Scores, Transcripts, etc.) contact the university graduate admissions office. Their contact information can be found here:

There is a fee for every application submitted. We understand that this fee may be difficult for some of our applicants to pay, particularly if they are from outside the country; however, the College of Design is unable to waive application fees. The NC State Graduate School generally will not waive the application fee, except in cases of documented financial need and special circumstances. If you would like to request a fee waiver, first submit your application. Next, contact Dr. David Shafer,, in the admissions office for more information

The University offers a detailed list of all the things you need to know as an International Applicant.

The Master of Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, and the Master of Graphic and Experience Design are STEM Designated majors.

You can find information about financial support and funding opportunities through the graduate school here. Similar information for international applicants can be found here. Applicants are considered for scholarships from the School of Architecture after they are awarded admission. There is no additional application for scholarships.

GRE scores are not required for most programs. Review admissions requirements for the program you plan to apply to for more information about GRE requirements here.

English proficiency is a requirement for successful graduate studies at NC State. Students may be granted provisional status when they do not fully meet all the necessary requirements for admission to the Graduate School, but their circumstances warrant provisional admission. The Graduate School standards for demonstration of proficiency, which are necessary in order to be admitted to graduate study, may be found here.

* In addition to TOEFL and IELTS scores we accept Duolingo scores with a minimum score of 110.

Information about the estimated cost of attendance for in-state and out-of-state students can be found here. You can also find a breakdown of tuition and fee information here. Be sure to review the tuition increments for the College of Design Masters programs.

International Students

You can find more information on the cost of living here: is the estimated cost of living found on that page:
You can find information about financial support and funding opportunities through the graduate school here:

Applicants have the possibility of being granted a Teaching or Research Assistantship through the College of Design. These positions are based on applications and availability of positions. The ollege of Design is able to offer some scholarships and Graduate Student Support Plans (GSSP), and those are typically awarded to top applicants. There is no separate application for these positions, they are awarded based on the strength of an application to the School. Aside from students in the PhD in Design program most students self-fund their education.

NC State offers on-campus housing options for graduate students. You can review more information here.

You can review the NC State Transportation Website for information about bus routes and parking.

College of Design (usually Architecture and Landscape Architecture) students can enroll in one of the 4 certificate programs or the History and Theory Concentration offered by the College of Design. These programs do not require additional classes, they just require a careful selection of courses and electives. You can find more information about certificates and the History and Theory concentration here.

Information about Dining Services and Meal Plans can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Master of Architecture is a NAAB accredited program that satisfies one of the components required for architectural licensure in the United States.

The Master of Advanced Architectural Studies is a research-based, self-directed program. This program is not NAAB accredited.

Courses may be considered for transfer credit after admission. You can find more information on the University’s transfer credit policy here. Note that each semester students take a required 6-credit studio that cannot be satisfied by any class that was taken prior to entering the program. So if the program leaders consider classes you have taken prior to entering the program to satisfy some of the requirements, it would only be for a seminar or an elective. The time to completion would be the same.

Each College of Design Master’s degree offers a Track 3 program for applicants who have an undergraduate degree in a subject other than that of the program they are applying to.

Each program also offers a Track 1 or Track 2 option for applicants who have an undergraduate degree in the respective field. Please review the track information for each program to see which track you should apply to.

For Fall admission, all programs continue to accept applications after the January 15th priority deadline. Closer to April, please inquire with the College of Design to find out if the program you are applying to is still accepting applications.

For Spring admission, the Master of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Art & Design programs continue to accept applications after the September 1st priority deadline for international students and October 15th priority deadline for domestic students. Closer to December, please inquire with the College of Design to find out if the program you are applying to is still accepting applications.

The Track 3 programs do not require admitted students to have prior knowledge of design, just a shown interest in design through your portfolio. This can be personal, professional, or academic work. Some applicants may take a course(s) at their local community college or community center (like drawing or anything related to design) to help produce work for their portfolio.