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Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops are Here!

The best part? Registration is NOW OPEN. Check out our awesome offerings for September & October 2018! Details can be found below:

High School Graphic Design Workshop
Saturday, September 22nd // 10am – 4pm

In this collaborative workshop, students will focus on graphic design principles including rapid prototyping, typographic and image making, design dialogue, and collaboration. What starts as an individual project will transform through collaboration. The result will be designed artifacts that no individual could have created alone. Fun, improvisational, and fast-paced, this workshop is sure to keep the attention of even the most apprehensive creative.

Instructor: Rachael Paine, Ph.D. Candidate in Design + Adjunct Professor
Registration Fee: $75.00

Rachael Paine is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Design at NCSU College of Design. She also serves as an adjunct professor for the undergraduate graphic design program. With both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the College of Design, Rachael is passionate about sharing design education with students of all ages.

High School Art + Design: Animation Workshop
Saturday, October 6th // 10am – 4pm

This is a one-day workshop on the basics of stop-motion animation. Students will create short 30 second animations with sound using a variety of materials. It’s a good introduction to design thinking, making and creating narratives using non-textual media, with an emphasis on having fun while doing it. No previous experience is required.

Instructor: Hal Meeks, Alumnus of NC State’s Master of Art + Design Program
Registration Fee: $75.00

Hal Meeks has a Master’s in Art + Design from the College of Design. He teaches at NC State University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in NC State University’s Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program. Hal has taught animation at several Design Lab programs over the years, including Design Camp. His latest project is a game controller made from a brick.

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