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Weekend Workshops

The Design Lab offers Weekend Workshops for high school students at our Design Lab studio here at the College of Design. Our workshops are brief, immersive design education experiences, offering a wide range of opportunities for teens interested in design. From skill-building to design thinking to concept-based projects to interdisciplinary design mash-ups and more, our talented instructors guide students in developing knowledge and experience in their focus area. Please continue to visit our website from time to time to learn about new workshops and programs we’re offering.

Spring 2024 // Weekend Workshops

Registration Opens Friday, February 9, 2024

The Design Lab is excited to offer five discipline-specific, in-person, Weekend Workshops this spring. Each workshop will take place on Saturdays from 9:00am – 4:00pm with a one hour break at noon for lunch. See the weekend workshop schedule below. Students can register any time between February and one week in advance of each workshop, and students can register for as many weekend workshops as they are interested in.

Workshops will introduce students to design thinking and the design process through challenge-based activities. Through these workshops, students will have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of our designed world and find answer to these questions: What is design? How do designers think?

Please send questions to Thanks!

Weekend Workshop Schedule // Spring 2024

Saturdays from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

High School Workshops

Architecture: Happy Little Trees

Join us for an immersive journey into the captivating realm of the architecture of landscapes. This engaging workshop is tailored for high school students who harbor a passion for architecture, drawing and watercolor artistry! Delve into the foundational principles of hand-rendered landscape graphics, where emphasis is placed on refining drawing, drafting, and watercolor techniques. Together, we’ll traverse various styles, perspectives, and practical applications, unlocking the secrets to breathing life into your architectural visions. Come, let’s sketch and paint our way into designing an enchanting world with happy little trees!

  • Grade Range: 9th – 12th Grade
  • Total Seats: 15
  • Cost: $80

Instructor// Cynthia Cukiernik

Cynthia Cukiernik is from Pfafftown, North Carolina. She attended the UNCSA high-school visual arts program before getting her BA in Cultural Anthropology and Minor in Studio Art from UNC Greensboro. She has ten years experience as a teaching artist and has taught both visual and performing arts. Cynthia is in the Master of Landscape Architecture program at NC State, where she is especially interested in social and environmental justice. She loves to spend time outside hiking, traveling, and gardening.

Industrial Design & Graphic and Experience Design: Fashion Week(end)

Imagine! You have your own streetwear brand and have been killing it on TikTok! Your followers have been growing exponentially and you have been reaching people all over the country. As a result, a luxury brand that designs products for Fashion Week wants some fresh and new ideas. They stumble upon your brand and want to collaborate on a footwear product. You can’t believe it; how do you get started? What would you design? How would you make sure that the product looks well in your product category, as well as in the luxury brands product offerings? How do you market it? How do you create experiences for consumers to engage with the product? Let’s find out in our two-week Industrial Design and Graphic & Experience Design weekend workshop!

**Please Note: This workshop is held on two consecutive Saturday’s on March 16 and March 23. Students must be able to attend both sessions.**

  • Grade Range: 9th – 12th Grade
  • Total Seats: 18
  • Cost: $100

Instructor // Joshua Wall & Jillian Swaim

Joshua Wall is an alumni of the NC State Industrial Design program. He is a husband, father, and thinker from a small place called Havelock, NC. He currently works as a freelance footwear designer with about 3-4 years of professional footwear design experience.
Hi! I’m Jillian, and I’m a recent graduate of the Master of Graphic and Experience Design program here at NC State. I earned my BFA with a concentration in graphic design from Salisbury University, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My work is a little all over the place, which is just a testament to how multifaceted design really is. In addition to traditional graphic design and illustration, my focus lies at the intersection of art, design, and technology using virtual and mixed reality for storytelling purposes.

Industrial Design: Funky Forms & Wired Wonders

Step into our dynamic design realm, dedicated to the art of form exploration! Imagine yourself sketching out random shapes and turning one into an electronic gadget. Prepare for hands-on action – from prototyping and crafting to engaging in lively brainstorming sessions, form ideation, and material selection. 

This project is your ticket to letting your creativity run wild, picking up invaluable design skills along the way. Perfect for those who thrive on thinking beyond the conventional, crave hands-on prototyping experiences, and are eager to unleash their creative flair.

  • Grade Range: 9th – 12th Grade
  • Total Seats: 20
  • Cost: $80

Instructors // Anjali Upadhyay & Namita Sabnis

Hello, I’m Anjali Upadhyay, and I’m currently immersed in the world of design as a graduate student pursuing a Master of Industrial Design with a focus on Human-Centered Technology Design at North Carolina State University. My educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering, which has provided me with a distinctive outlook on the design process, allowing me to merge aesthetics and functionality harmoniously. As a true car enthusiast, I channel my love for automobiles into captivating sketches and engaging discussions. Beyond the realm of design, I find solace in photography and painting, where I let my creativity flow freely.
Hey! I am Namita Sabnis. I am pursuing my master in Industrial Design at NC State University. I did my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering in India and in my last year, I realized that I wanted to focus on how a product would look – the form, the feel, the user experience – rather than how the product works, and this led me to divert my career path to design. I love to sketch forms and play around with colors to create visually appealing, well-functioning products.

Media Arts, Design and Technology: Fantasy Fusion | From Doodles to Design Masterpieces

Do you often find yourself sketching out imaginative designs or dreaming up fantastical creations? Get prepared for an exciting workshop where we’ll bring your ideas to life using a range of design techniques. From mastering 1-point perspective to exploring the intriguing design process, we’ll infuse your concepts with a dash of creative flair. Together, we’ll transform basic shapes into intricate prop designs set against the enchanting backdrops of fantasy and science fiction worlds. Join us as we unleash the full potential of your doodles, embarking on a journey that celebrates the enchantment of creativity and the boundless horizons of your imagination.

  • Grade Range: 9th – 12th Grade
  • Total Seats: 20
  • Cost: $70

Instructor // Gabrielle Edwards

Hello! My name is Gabrielle and I’m a recent graduate of the Masters of Art and Design Program at NC State University. I studied environmental lighting and color theory, gained a deeper foundation in drawing and design, and experimented with VR and AR while attending NC State. Recently, I have begun pursuing my dream of becoming a full time professional artist in painting and I am very excited to work with students again. In my spare time, I love visiting art museums, nature walks, and playing with my dog Ella. I am very excited to work with arriving creatives to help them reach their full potential and develop their self-confidence in their art and design abilities.

Architecture: SketchUp Wizards Introduction | Unleashing Creativity in the Digital Realm

Embark on a creative journey with SketchUp Wizards! Tailored for aspiring pre-college architectural enthusiasts, this hands-on workshop dives into the world of digital modeling using SketchUp—a powerful tool employed by architectural professionals worldwide. Participants will build foundational skills, unlocking their potential to bring architectural visions to life. Engaging activities and expert guidance enhance creative thinking, offering a practical understanding of architectural principles. Join us to ignite a passion for design and set the stage for a future in architecture. SketchUp Wizards: where imagination meets innovation, and dreams take shape in the digital realm!

  • Grade Range: 9th – 12th Grade
  • Total Seats: 15
  • Cost: $80

Instructor // Victoria Rodriguez

Victoria Rodriguez is from West Hartford, Connecticut. She obtains her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture from UNC Greensboro. After graduation she worked as an Interior Designer for 2 years and is currently in her second year Master of Architecture program at NC State. Victoria is interested in functional design of buildings and space to meet the needs and requirements of the people who will use it. She has experience as a teachers assistance in Design Camp 2023 and looks forward to continuing her journey as an instructor in upcoming weekend workshops.

Prior to Registering, Please Read the Following:

Registration Process and Policies

  • Registration will open on Friday, February 9, at 8:00am.
  • The registration fee for each online workshop ranges from $60 – $100. Payment is due upon registration. Students may register for multiple weekend workshops at a time. All forms and payment must be completed in order for registration to be finalized. 
  • Registration will remain open for each workshop up until 6 calendar days prior to its date (ie. registration will close for a workshop on the Sunday prior to when it’s being held). 
  • Those who have completed registration and payment will receive a confirmation email immediately. And all registrants will receive an email at least 5 business days prior to the start of their workshop with further information on procedures and protocols.
  • Each workshop will take place on Saturdays from 9:00am – 4:00pm with a one hour break at noon. Lunch will be provided for all workshops; our staff and instructor will accompany students to Clark Dining Hall, near our location on campus.
  • Students should arrive between 8:45am – 8:55am and students must leave or be picked up no later than 4:15pm. Drop-off, Pick-up, and Parking information will be shared after registration is complete.
  • Cancellations for In-Person Weekend Workshops: We must receive request for cancellation in writing via email to Cancellations made 10 calendar days prior to a workshop are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made 5 calendar days prior to a workshop are eligible for a 50% refund OR request to have their program fees donated to our Design Lab outreach funds. If the workshop is cancelled by the Design Lab, full refunds will be issued. Refunds can only be issued by the same means of the original payment. 

If you have any questions, please email

Click Here to Register for Weekend Workshops

*Registration Opens February 9, 2024*

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