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Digital Design Camp FAQs

Will there be any in-person activities for Digital Design Camp?

No, Digital Design Camp will be a fully online experience. Digital camp activities and studio projects may ask campers to complete independent activities away from the screen, but programming will never require any in-person interactions.

What will the supply lists for each studio project include? 

This is dependent upon each studio project. While the ‘Digital Design Camp 2021’ box will contain all basic supplies needed for studio projects, instructors will want students to have various other supplies for their projects. Instructors will aim to select zero-cost to minimal-cost supplies for their studio projects. 

Estimated Cost of Extra Studio Supplies per Digital Design Camp Program:

  • Design Foundations // equal to or less than $50
  • Design Explorations // equal to or less than $80
  • Design Immersions // equal to or less than $50

See the ‘Supplies & Equipment’ section under our Digital Design Camp Registration Process and Policies page for more information.

What if I cannot find the items on the supply lists?

We will include suggestions on where to buy items on the supply list. If you find yourself unable to find the items, feel free to email us at and we will try to assist you further.

Are there any special programs my student will need online?

The main platforms students will be using for their camp experience is Schoology and Zoom. There will be a few programs in specific studios that instructors will either teach campers in class or provide detailed instructions for practice before camp starts. All programs will be able to be downloaded for free or campers will have the opportunity to use a free version.

Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?

Yes. Limited financial assistance and scholarships are available. Please see our Financial Assistance & Scholarships Page for more details.

Who supervises the Digital Design Camp students?

One of the best parts about Digital Design Camp is our wonderful and energetic staff! Digital Camp Counselors are all undergraduate and graduate students at the College of Design. They are the best possible ambassadors for their design disciplines and are eager to share their knowledge about design and applying to design colleges with camp participants. Our staff is carefully selected from a large pool of applicants to ensure the best possible camp experience for all of our participants. Supervision will occur through Digital Design Camp online synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Do you offer programs for students during the school year?

Yes! We offer Weekend Workshops for high school students here at the Design Lab during the school year. Please visit our Digital Design Lab website for a menu of our programs.

To receive monthly updates on our programs, please sign up for our newsletter. We hope to see you at the Design Lab soon!

I have questions about the College of Design’s admissions process. Who should I contact?

For all questions regarding admissions and scheduling a tour at the College of Design, you need to contact the Student Services Office at College of Design undergraduate admissions information is also available here.

For Design Explorations and Design Immersions digital camps, there will be an admissions presentation that students will attend.

What do I have to do to apply?

Please visit our Digital Design Camp Registration Process and Policies page for all the information you will need on applying to a Digital Design Camp program. This page is a great reference for the entire registration process, and we recommend reviewing it before you apply!

Do you have any spots left? Should I go ahead and register?

If you want to participate in Digital Design Camp, it is best to go ahead and register as early as possible! Even if registration has been open for a while, it is worth submitting an application. If a camp of your choice is in waitlist status, you will not be charged the $100 deposit until we can offer a spot.