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Design Connections Code of Conduct

Parents or Guardians and prospective students, please note that in order to participate in Design Connections, the following is expected of our participants:

Code of Conduct (to be signed by parents and students in our application):

I understand that my attitude and behavior are critical to the success of camp, and the physical, social, and emotional safety of other campers and the Design Connections staff. Therefore, for the good of the program, as well as my fellow group members, I agree to abide by the following:

  • I will be sensitive to the needs of all program participants and facilitators by being courteous, polite and inclusive.
  • I understand that physical or verbal abuse, harrassment, inappropriate or intimate contact, and violent behavior are grounds for immediate expulsion from Design Connections.
  • I will respect the people and places with which I come in contact. I will respect the Design Connections Staff and recognize that they have the responsibility of making sure students abide by program rules at all times, and that this is for the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved with Design Connections.
  • I will respect the equipment and materials I am provided with, and will do my part to keep the studio spaces neat and tidy. 
  • I will arrive on time to all activities, meals, studios and all other scheduled events. I will participate fully and attend all scheduled activities for my week in this program. 
  • I will inform my counselors of my whereabouts at all times. I recognize that I am not permitted to receive visitors or leave this program during scheduled activities. I acknowledge that I do not have free reign on NC State’s campus, and agree to abide by instructions given to me by staff regarding my whereabouts.
  • I will be responsible for my personal belongings and will not hold NC State University, the College of Design or program facilitators responsible for their loss or damage. 
  • I will dress in a manner that is appropriate for program activities.
  • I understand that my counselors, instructors and other Design Connections staff are not allowed to be connected with me on any social media or gaming platforms.
  • I will report any unsafe and / or inappropriate behavior immediately to my counselors or lead staff members. I will refrain from using language or actions that could be considered abusive or offensive to others.
  • I will not use headphones, laptops or handheld devices during studio or presentations without permission from Design Connections staff. 
  • I will act in a professional and mature manner during all studio and camp activities. I understand that if counselors, instructors, and/or Design Connections staff have to redirect my behaviors more than once in a short time frame the Design Connections Lead Staff will contact my parents or guardians. If behaviors do not improve upon parental/guardian contact, I will be sent home early.
  • I further understand that major offenses including but not limited to the illegal use of tobacco products, illicit materials and devices, drugs, and/or alcohol will result in immediate expulsion from the program and possible criminal charges. 
  • If I am sent home early due to any misconduct, it will be at the expense of my parent/guardian. I understand that the Design Connections staff will discuss my misconduct with my parent/guardian and with the administration of NC State University College of Design. 
  • I understand and agree to abide by the above responsibilities during my time at Design Connections.

Equal Opportunity Policy:

It is the policy of NC State to provide equality of opportunity in all education programs and activities. NC State engages in equal opportunity and affirmative action efforts, and prohibits discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. For more information on NC State’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy, please visit