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Marvin Malecha hands Curt Fentress the Wings on Wings Award

College of Design Awards

Learn the ways in which the College of Design recognizes contributions to our community and the profession.

Designlife Award

Designlife Award
In 2018 we unveiled a new Designlife Award, designed by alumnus Matt McConnell in conjunction with staff at the College of Design’s Materials Lab and an advisory team from the Leader’s Council (Craig McDuffie and Kimberly Siran).

The Designlife Award recognizes the significant contribution that an individual or group has made in design in the Southeast. The award brings awareness to the importance of design in the community – and the practice of good design as a sign of good citizenship.

Congratulations to Bill Bell, who has been selected as the 2020 Designlife Award recipient!

Eight-time Durham Mayor William V. “Bill” Bell will be honored for his design legacy at the 23rd annual Designlife Gala for leading the transformation of the city of Durham from a fading tobacco town into a thriving cultural community. Read more

Distinguished Alumni Award

The distinguished alumni award medallion, crafted in the College of Design materials lab.

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes the significant achievements of a talented and committed group of individuals. Recipients of this award are design professionals representing the disciplines of the college. They are individuals who have made significant contributions to new insights, fostering original ideas and searching for added knowledge.

In the spring of 2000, a medallion was developed by late Dean Emeritus Marvin Malecha to represent the Distinguished Alumni recipient. This medallion is inspired by the early influence of the Bauhaus on design education at NC State University. It is reflective by the continuing emphasis within the college on the capability to craft by hand as parts of the necklace were fabricated in the College of Design materials lab. The medallion represents the application of principles and ideas into products, similarly to what the College of Design has held as an important virtue.

*denotes deceased

  • 2022 Turan Duda, FAIA [BEDA ’76]
  • 2021 Brian Leonard [BID ’89, MID ’91]
  • 2020 Angela Medlin [BED ’91]
  • 2019 Liora Manné, [MPD ’77]
  • 2018 Kathleen Kincaid, [MGD ’92]
  • 2017 Chris Downey, AIA, [BEDA ’84]
  • 2016 Mark Templeton, [BPD ’75]
  • 2015 Dick Bell, FASLA, [BS ’50]
  • 2014 Tim Allen, [BAD’99, MID ’02]
  • 2013 Kim Tanzer, FAIA, [M.Arch ’83]
  • 2012 Steven Schuster,* FAIA [BEDA ’73]
  • 2011 David W. Evans, [BEDV ’84]
  • 2010 Curtis W. Fentress, FAIA, RIBA [B.Arch ’72]
  • 2009 Danny Stillion, [MGD ’92]
  • 2008 William E. Valentine, FAIA [BEDA ’60]
  • 2007 Natalie Chanin, [BED ’87]
  • 2006 Charles A. Flink, FASLA [BEDA ’82]
  • 2005 John L. Atkins III, FAIA [B.Arch ’66]
  • 2004 Rodney L. Swink, FASLA [MLA ’77]
  • 2003 L. Franklin Bost, [BPD ’68]
  • 2002 Philip G. Freelon,* FAIA [BEDA ’75]
  • 2001 Richard Green, FAIA [B.Arch ’68]
  • 2000 Alexander Isley, [BEDV ’83]
  • 1999 Monty Montague, [BEDP ’80]
  • 1998 Randy Hester, [BLAR ’68]
  • 1997 The late Ronald L. Mace,* [B.Arch ’66]
  • 1996 Norma DeCamp Burns, FAIA [M.Arch ’76]
  • 1995 Jorge Barragan, [BEDN ’87]
  • 1994 Sally Schauman, [BLA ’67]
  • 1993 Richard Curtis,* [BPD ’72]
  • 1992 Chipp Walters, [MPD ’82]
  • 1991 Abie Harris, FAIA [B.Arch ’57]

Wings on Wings Award

The Dean of the College of Design awards the Wings on Wings recognition to those individuals who have demonstrated a willingness to make significant contributions to the College of Design Community at NC State University. The Wings on Wings award, designed by late Dean Emeritus Marvin Malecha, is inspired by the painting, Religious Composition:  Archangel Michael astride Pegasus by Russian artist Natalia Gontcharova. It is representative of the opportunities of life and a reminder that it is the individual’s responsibility to put his or her design talents to the best purposes of society. The award was first given out to 50 people at the college’s 50th anniversary in 1998 and has been given when merited since then.

*denotes deceased

  • 2020-2021 – George Stanziale
  • 2019 – John Tector
  • 2019 – Rosa McDonald
  • 2018 – Kevin and Myra Kane
  • 2018 – Bree McMahon
  • 2017 – Amanda Crawford
  • Annie Gray Gibbs
  • Sarah Lower
  • Allison Press
  • Razan Abu-Salha* + family
  • Judy and Robert Abee
  • Fred Adams, Sr.
  • Terry W. Alford*
  • John L. Atkins III
  • Dana Davis Bayley*
  • Douglas M. Bennett
  • Charles Boney, Sr.*
  • Leslie Boney, Jr.*
  • Franklin Bost
  • Douglas M. Brinkley
  • Dwayne Bryant
  • Norma Burns
  • Marley Carroll
  • Eduardo Catalano*
  • Clymer Cease
  • Michael S. Cole
  • Richard Curtis*
  • Bradley W. Davis*
  • Daniel Douglas
  • Curtis W. Fentress
  • Scott Ferebee, Jr.*
  • Charles A. Flink
  • Cabell Ford
  • Philip G. Freelon*
  • Richard J. Green
  • Michael Hager
  • Butch Hardy*
  • Jim M. Harrell
  • Edwin F. “Abie” Harris
  • Greg Hatem
  • P. “Perk” Hayes*
  • Peter Huckins
  • Roy Johnson
  • Brian Jones
  • Mark G. Jones
  • William S. Jones*
  • Barrett L. Kays
  • Paul LaVene
  • Donald R. Lee
  • Elizabeth B. Lee*
  • Susan P. Little
  • William B. Little*
  • Cynthia Malecha
  • Kenneth Martin
  • Craig McDuffie
  • Herbert P. McKim*
  • Alfonso W. Merino
  • William G. Monroe III
  • Linda J. Noble
  • William L. O’Brien, Jr.
  • Irvin Pearce
  • Norman Pease*
  • J.J. Peterson, Jr.
  • David Ramseur
  • Robert Roberson
  • Stephen H. Robertson
  • Nisbet P. Rodgers*
  • Gordon Schenck*
  • Steven D. Schuster*
  • Brian Shawcroft*
  • Macon S. Smith*
  • Rodney Swink
  • Walt Teague
  • Patricia Tector
  • Frank Thompson
  • Michael Tribble
  • Nan Davis Van Every
  • Constantine “Nick”Vrettos
  • Lloyd G. Walter, Jr.
  • Susan and Randall Ward
  • John G. Wick
  • Carter Williams*
  • Jennifer Zuckerman