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NC State Creatives

We're telling the story of what makes our students tick.

At the College of Design, students do more than just learn professional skills – they discover passions, causes and challenges which allow their creativity to result in real-world solutions.

We want the world to know what they are passionate about, where they get their inspiration from and how they impact the world around them.

Season One

Genevieve is pursuing her Master’s in Industrial Design and passionate about doing two things: reducing waste in the apparel industry, and making a mean pair of sneakers.

To Sara, the gaming world is more than just a space for entertainment – it’s a space for empathy and connection. Using VR and motion-sensing software, Sara’s work aims to bring feelings of curiosity, exploration and compassion to interactive design.

Design is about telling great stories. Darrien is using his passion for history to bring people into those stories through graphic novels and exhibit design.

Industrial design is about the user, and Annie is taking advantage of every tool at her disposal to create solutions everywhere she can. Whether it’s VR training for medical staff or product development for accessible travel, Annie wants to make a huge impact wherever she goes.

Great architecture serves a purpose. For Yash, that purpose is to promote mediation, collaboration and representation between social groups.

Season Two

To Molly Nunes, a graduate student studying graphic design, being a designer means giving people a voice. Whether it’s a poster, a logo or even a user interface, she finds herself fascinated by the power of visual narrative. Growing up as a student-athlete, she’s determined to showcase the voices of women in sports.

To Daniel, industrial design can be a tool to give a new purpose to an old idea. Now, he’s using his skills to design products that help us adopt healthier, more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lives.

Why can’t plastic be art? Harish Palani is a graduate student at the School of Architecture, and he is driven to reduce plastic waste by any means possible.

Meghan Tankersley‘s fascination with the natural world and how it can be pushed further began at an early age. Now, as a senior in Art + Design, she sees the world of gaming as a powerful space to explore fantastic worlds, interact with mythical creatures and share unique experiences.

Apeksha Yadav is a graduate student in the Industrial Design program, and she’s working to reduce the environmental impact of the digital world. Now, she’s designing for the planet’s energy needs with the demands of a more online future in mind.

Season Three

Makayla Esposito is a graduate student in the NC State College of Design’s Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning program and she is passionate about making the invisible, visible.

Her interest in landscape architecture is rooted in the hidden wonders behind a landscape. Who is impacted by a landscape? How does a landscape intersect with a community’s economy, ecology and history? To Makayla, the best way to answer these questions is through design.

Abby Scheer is a 2022 graduate of NC State’s Master of Industrial Design program. Her final project as a student became the blueprint for her startup company, Cervu, which designs products for female cancer survivors who suffer from pelvic floor pain during intercourse – also known as dyspareunia.

Cervu is currently in development of Nozomi, a pelvic floor massager and app that provides exercise education, collaborative therapy customization with pelvic floor physical therapists, and progress tracking. Scheer has also been awarded Gold in the Student Category for the IDSA IDEA 2022 Awards.

Danny Garret is a graduate student in the College of Design’s new Master of Advanced Architectural Studies program, also known as MAAS.

As a former Marine, Danny is using his time in the MAAS program to research factors that contribute to veteran homelessness and suicide. Ultimately, he aims to design a sustainable, supportive, community-based housing typology that pinpoints the specific needs of veterans.

Weatherly Reeves is a sophomore in Design Studies, and she believes design is an avenue to tell stories that uplift others.

To Reeves, being a student in the Design Studies program has enabled her to maximize a multitude of passions involving illustration, entrepreneurship and storytelling.

Recently, Reeves illustrated her first children’s book titled, “Young Andy Gets a Trombone.” Based on a true story, the book showcases how Andy Griffith got interested in becoming an entertainer – from wanting to be a trombone player to working to achieve his dream.

Become a Creative

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