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Graphic Design

The best graphic design is informative, engaging, and accessible, empowering the people who interact with it.

The work of graphic design facilitates people’s interaction with information through digital and physical interfaces. Graphic designers envision the brands, interfaces, artifacts, typography, and messages they create as parts of larger systems, effectively representing and communicating networks of services, experiences, and products. They employ user experience design methods (UX) to ensure that software, websites, print media, and environments improve individuals’ lives. The best graphic design is informative, engaging, and accessible, empowering the people who interact with it.


TsaiLu Liu

Tsai Lu Liu
Department Head of Graphic Design and Industrial Design

Graphic designers:

  • Communicate information and messages through typography, images, symbols, physical materials, and digital platforms
  • Visualize, prototype, and produce artifacts and interactions such as books, magazines, identity systems, product packaging, signage, websites, applications, and data visualizations
  • Employ human-centered research methods to understand and inform design decisions
  • Develop strategies and systems for making services more accessible to users
  • Collaborate with other experts, such as ethnographers, software engineers, psychologists, and computer programmers

The Graphic Design faculty teach these skills as they encourage and help students develop and expand their creative abilities.

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