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Faculty Research Activity

Tasheka Arcenauex-Sutton

Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton, Associate Professor

  • Research/Scholarship
    • Arceneaux’s research focuses on discovering Black people omitted from the graphic design history canon. She’s also interested in the visual representation of Black people in the media and popular culture, primarily through the lens of stereotypes.
  • Author
    • Black Design in America: African Americans and the African Diaspora in Graphic Design, from the 19th through the 21st Century
    • Her essay “A Black Renaissance Woman: Louise E. Jefferson” is a part of a collection of essays in the book Baseline Shift: Untold Stories of Women in Graphic Design History, which releases in October of 2021 by Princeton Architectural Press.

Helen Armstrong, Professor

  • Research/Scholarship
    • Inclusive design
    • Design and computation
    • Participatory design
  • Author/Designer
    • Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009)
    • Participate: Designing with User-Generated Content, with Zvezdana Stojmirovic (PAP, 2011)
    • Digital Design Theory: Readings from the Field (PAP, 2016)

Kermit Bailey, Associate Professor

  • Research/Practice
    • Graphic design for community engagement and collaborative design processes (e.g. Mapping a Cultural Legacy in South Park East Raleigh knowledge maps)
    • “On Place, a Framework for Multidisciplinary Place-based Narratives,” (Co-investigator)

Dr. Russell Flinchum, Associate Professor

  • Research/Scholarship
    • Design history from the Industrial Revolution to present
    • 19th & 20th Century European and American architecture
    • 19th & 20th Century European and American painting and sculpture
  • Author
    • Henry Dreyfuss, Industrial Designer: The Man in the Brown Suit (Rizzoli, 1997)
    • American Design (5 Continents/MoMA, 2008)

Jarrett Fuller, Assistant Professor

Jarrett Fuller
  • Author/Designer
    • Scratching the Surface, a podcast about design, theory, and creative practice
    • Designer and co-editor of Culture is Not Always Popular: Fifteen Years of Design Observer, published by MIT Press in 2018
    • Edited 1, 10, 100 Years: Form, Typography, and Interaction at Parsons, a forthcoming book on the history of the Parsons School of Design’s Communication Design program.
    • Launched, a free online library of design texts.
    • His work and writing has been featured in Eye Magazine, Architectural Digest, Curbed, The Architect’s Newspaper, and Design Observer.

Denise Gonzales Crisp, Professor

  • Scholarship/Creative Production
    • Typography and typographic tools
    • Improvisational pedagogy
    • Situational curation
    • Ornament in graphic design (DecoRational)
    • Alternative design writing
  • Author/Designer
    • Graphic Design in Context: Typography (Thames & Hudson, 2012)
  • Co-curator
    • Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern, (CAM Raleigh NC, 2012)
    • DesignInquiry: Futurespective (ICA MECA, Portland ME, 2019)

Dr. Deborah Littlejohn, Associate Professor

  • Research
    • Design pedagogy and curriculum, especially within online learning environments
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Multidimensional (2D, 3D, 4D) interface strategies for visualizing multivariate data, including the visual translation of scientific research for non-specialists
    • Design-based teaching and learning
  • Founding Editorial Board Member
    • Dialectic (AIGA)
  • Review Editor
    • Communication Design (Taylor & Francis)

Dr. Matthew Peterson, Assistant Professor

Matthew Peterson
  • Research
    • Learning with visual media (interface, typographic variables, and the integration of text and image)
    • Visual metaphor, visual narrative, and other cognitive functions of imagery and data visualization
    • Design-based learning
    • Design curriculum and pedagogy
  • Work is empirical and philosophical, to date affiliated with science education, communication, advertising, and medieval studies.

Scott Townsend, Professor

  • Creative Production
    • Audience interaction and visual storytelling on issues of borders, traditional culture, diaspora, and effects on communities in transition
  • Scholarship
    • Participatory design
    • Design and social innovation
    • Public sociology
  • Essays and presentations
    • Design Philosophy Papers
    • Design and Culture
    • European Sociological Association
    • A4 Museum (Chengdu)
    • TU Delft
    • Chicago Art Institute