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Scott Townsend

Professor Emeritus of Graphic & Experience Design

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Townsend began work in 2002 examining globalization issues vis-à-vis effects on communities through user interaction and visualization of data. Early projects examined border issues bringing together communities in conflict, often exacerbated by globalization. Exhibitions and related projects have been completed in over 90 national and international group and solo venues in the Czech Republic, Greece, Egypt, Cuba, Mexico, South America, Canada, Germany, Japan, Iran, Italy, Serbia, Venezuela, Cuba, China, and the United States. In 2023, The Center for Design and Material Culture (University of Wisconsin) will host an exhibition of work and processes expanding on principles of Design and Social Innovation. Townsend has authored articles in ZedStatementsBrujula, Art Papers, Visual Communication, Design and Culture, Design Issues and for peer-reviewed publications in the humanities and the social sciences. Public, conference, and research network presentations in Australia, Europe, China and the United States.

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Master of Fine Art in Photography Cranbrook Academy of Art

Area(s) of Expertise

Photography and video, image studies, multimedia