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Industrial Design student project, Annie McDonald

Industrial Design

The Industrial Design Program prepares students to be creative, practical, user-centered, aesthetics-focused, problem-solving, and opportunity-exploring designers, design strategists, or design leaders.

The NC State University Industrial Design Program is one of the top professional programs in this discipline in the country. The program offers Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) and Master of Industrial Design (MID) degrees, both accredited by The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Students learn and practice design in a studio environment very similar to that of professional design offices. Students methodically study human physical and cognitive interaction with artifacts and services in order to discover user experience insights and then create innovative solutions to design problems. The dynamic and sophisticated balance of form, function, innovation, and practicality are constantly debated and articulated throughout the journey to better design.


Tsai Lu Liu, Department Head of Graphic Design and Industrial Design

Tsai Lu Liu

Department Head of Graphic Design and Industrial Design

Finally, a Home

Over the past 40 years, the Industrial Design program at NC State has grown into one of the highest-ranked ID programs in the U.S. Its graduates go on to be designers at companies like IBM, Adidas, and Under Armour. Its faculty partner on grants from the NIH to tackle human centered design for maternal and fetal medicine. Finally, the program will be moving to a dedicated space where they can work collaboratively and creatively. 

Industrial Design Studio Space

The Industrial Design faculty have joined NC State University from prestigious institutions around the world, each bringing years of experience in design, research, innovation, and education. The graduates from the program are enhancing the quality of life experiences with the creative design of products, services, branding, and communication systems for companies such as IDEO, Nike, Volvo, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, Pentagram, PepsiCo, RKS Design, Microsoft, The Smithsonian, Adidas, Hasbro, Target, and Bosch.

What is Industrial Design?

What is ID? Post-It note board

Industrial design is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. Industrial designers develop these concepts and specifications for the user and manufacturer through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data, often within the context of cooperative working relationships with other members of a development group such as management, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing specialists. They then communicate their clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models, and verbal descriptions that embody all relevant design criteria determined by the group.

The industrial designer’s unique contribution emphasizes those aspects of the product or system that relate most directly to human characteristics, needs, experiences, and interests. This contribution requires specialized understanding of visual, spatial, and tactile senses as well as product safety and convenience criteria. Industrial designers are experts in anticipating psychological, physiological and sociological factors and perceptions that influence users of products and services. Industrial designers also maintain a practical concern for the technical processes and requirements for manufacturing; marketing opportunities and economic constraints; and regulatory requirements relevant to good design.

In addition to supplying concepts for products and systems, industrial designers are often retained for consultation on a variety of problems that have to do with product and organization identity systems, development of communication systems, interior and exhibit design, advertising devices and packaging, and other related services. Their expertise is often sought in a wide variety of administrative arenas to assist in developing industry standards, regulatory guidelines, and quality control procedures to improve manufacturing operations and products. Industrial designers are guided by a professional obligation to protect the public safety and well-being, to respect the environment, and to observe contractual and ethical business practices.

See Student Work

See more examples of student work here: Department of Industrial Design Student Work

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Alumnus Turan Duda, FAIA [B.Arch. ’76] is the recipient of the 2022 College of Design Distinguished Alumni Award.

As an internationally renowned architect, Turan has designed notable regional, national and international projects including the North Carolina State University Talley Student Union, 405 Colorado in Austin, the Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park, Florida, and Ikon Tower in Monterrey, Mexico.

“Turan Duda is the epitome of a successful graduate of the College of Design, and has spent his professional career both engaging with and giving back to his alma mater,” says Dean Mark Hoversten, PhD, FASLA, AICP. “He is a firm advocate for the placemaking ability of architecture, and has designed many notable structures both nationally and internationally. His work is driven to reshape the built environment to meet the demands of today’s communities.”

At the College of Design, Turan serves on the Leaders Council, and supports current students and recent graduates through generous gifts and programs such as the Linda and Turan Duda Visiting Designer program, the Linda and Turan Duda Traveling Fellowship, and the Duda|Paine Architects Fellowship Fund.

Most recently, in 2022 the college was able to bring MASS Design Group to campus as part of its new Duda Visiting Designer Program – an interdisciplinary, two-week intensive program that engages students in addressing the compelling questions of today while working hand in hand with leading designers.

Turan continues to give back to the college by providing professional development opportunities for students and recent graduates, hosting networking open houses, creating summer internships, and hiring recent graduates to work at his firm.

Turan has been recognized for his contributions to the profession: as a Fellow of the AIA in 2012, and as a recipient of the F. Carter Williams Gold Medal from AIA NC in 2021. His firm, Duda|Paine was named Architect Magazine’s Top 50 Firms in Business in 2017.

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Some of the best stories are told one frame at a time.

In spring semester of 2022, the Department of Art+Design launched a Senior Capstone Animation Studio. In the studio, students worked individually and in groups on a year-long project to complete an animated film.

The films ranged in form from hybrid 3D animation to traditional 2D animation and in length from 4 to 7 minutes. The films were screened as part of the @asifahollywood-sponsored 2022 Student Animation Showcase with other animation programs from around the country.

Watch all of the animated shorts in our bio.

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Recent graduates Anusha Khansaheb and Caroline Anderson recently set out to investigate four Latin American cities with long, unique architectural histories. 🇲🇽🇨🇴🇪🇨🇦🇷

As students, both wanted to focus on different topics within the field of architecture but agreed on the importance of studying the discipline outside a European lens.

A primary goal of the trip was to share lessons learned about the intersection of architecture, society and culture with students and faculty back in Raleigh. They even started their own Instagram channel, @anushacarolinetravels, documenting their experiences as they happened.

With the help of professors Burak Erdim and Patricia Morgado, the duo narrowed their itinerary down to four locations throughout Latin America: Mexico City, Mexico; Medellín, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“These countries have more recent histories in terms of post-colonialism,” says Caroline. “We wanted to pinpoint the identities those countries attempted to project globally. A big part of our investigation focused on how the countries worked to reclaim their history and their past, while also grappling with their indigenous roots.”

Since returning from the month-long journey, Caroline has started work as a designer for a local firm in Durham, and Anusha has since started a Master of Science of Historic Preservation at @weitzman_school.

They plan to return to the COD campus in 2023 to share their research with students and faculty.

Both graduates made the journey thanks to the Linda and Turan Duda Traveling Fellowship - an annual scholarship awarded to architecture graduates who have demonstrated academic and design excellence during their time at the college. Turan graduated from the college in 1976 and is a founding partner of @dudapaine, the award-winning firm behind the design of @ncstateunion.

📸: Anusha Khansaheb and Caroline Anderson standing in front of one of the many murals in the Communa 13 neighborhood of Medellín, Colombia - home to a large public works project that built escalators connecting the dense, urban areas to the lower-income rural areas located at higher elevations outside of the city.

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The AIA North Carolina Design and Chapter Awards was held on Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 at the Foothills Brewing Company in Winston-Salem, NC.

The awards recognize design that exceeds benchmarks for outstanding architectural design, structural composition, and application of design theory throughout North Carolina.

Out of 120 projects that were submitted for the honors, 19 were awarded.

The COD students, faculty and alumni who brought home awards are:

🏅Thomas Barrie, FAIA | 2022 AIA NC Architecture Educator of the Year

🏅 Austin Chappell, Assoc. AIA [BEDA ’17, B.Arch ’19] | AIA NC Associate Award

🏅 Jake Heffington [M.Arch. ’16] | AIA NC Young Architect Award

🏅 The Coastal Dynamics Design Lab | Gail A. Lindsey Award

🏅 Dennis Stallings, FAIA [BEDA ’84, M.Arch ’88] | F. Carter Williams Gold Medal

🏆 College of Design students also swept all three student award categories:

🏅 Hannah Smith, Associate AIA | Brownsville Port of Entry

🏅 Rebecca Curry, Marybeth Campeau, Claire Henkel, Maya Miller, and Lauren Waterman | Eagle Island Nature Park

🏅 Ben Coleman, Britt Davis, Makayla Esposito, Ariel Hills, Jasmeen Kaur, Sophia Li, Susmita Patil, and Yash Shah | Oppressive Infrastructures Mapping Racism in the Built Environment

🏅 Kristen Hess [BEDA ’96, B.Arch. ’97] and Siler Ransmeier [M.Arch ’09] | AIA NC Firm Award

Visit the link in our bio to see the winning projects and learn more about the awards!

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To our veterans, on campus and off.

Thank you. 🐺🇺🇸

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The Bachelor of Graphic Design and Master of Graphic Design programs are getting a name change to better reflect the skills of our students.

Going forward, the programs will be officially recognized as the Bachelor of Graphic & Experience Design (BGXD) and Master of Graphic & Experience Design (MGXD).

“These new degree names emphasize not only the current strong curriculum taught by faculty, but deepen our alignment with exciting trends in the profession,” says Department Head of Graphic Design and Industrial Design Tsai Lu Liu.

The name change officially acknowledges the program’s understanding that user experience and user interface design (UX/UI) represent strong growth sectors within the profession—sectors that will continue to thrive according to statistics from the Department of Labor.

UX/UI intersects with more traditional graphic design practices like branding, publication design, service, and exhibition design, bringing a human-centered approach to the design process.

The program’s strong national and international reputation reflects this deep understanding of current and future trends.

Animation Career Review ranks the program number one among the top 50 public graphic design schools in the United States. 69% of professionally-placed alumni over a recently tracked 5-year period are employed in high-paying UX/UI positions.

Such alumni also informed the name change process, encouraging the program to expand its title to better reflect student expertise. Strong interest by companies, which continue to partner through sponsored studio projects, testifies to the program’s success in UX/UI.

Recent sponsored studio partners include such companies as SAS, REI, Sealed Air, Advance Auto Parts, WebAssign, Red Hat, and IBM.

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