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Industrial Design student project, Annie McDonald

Industrial Design

The Industrial Design Program prepares students to be creative, practical, user-centered, aesthetics-focused, problem-solving, and opportunity-exploring designers, design strategists, or design leaders.

The NC State University Industrial Design Program is one of the top professional programs in this discipline in the country. The program offers Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) and Master of Industrial Design (MID) degrees, both accredited by The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Students learn and practice design in a studio environment very similar to that of professional design offices. Students methodically study human physical and cognitive interaction with artifacts and services in order to discover user experience insights and then create innovative solutions to design problems. The dynamic and sophisticated balance of form, function, innovation, and practicality are constantly debated and articulated throughout the journey to better design.


Tsai Lu Liu, Department Head of Graphic Design and Industrial Design

Tsai Lu Liu

Department Head of Graphic Design and Industrial Design

Finally, a Home

Over the past 40 years, the Industrial Design program at NC State has grown into one of the highest-ranked ID programs in the U.S. Its graduates go on to be designers at companies like IBM, Adidas, and Under Armour. Its faculty partner on grants from the NIH to tackle human centered design for maternal and fetal medicine. Finally, the program will be moving to a dedicated space where they can work collaboratively and creatively. 

Industrial Design Studio Space

The Industrial Design faculty have joined NC State University from prestigious institutions around the world, each bringing years of experience in design, research, innovation, and education. The graduates from the program are enhancing the quality of life experiences with the creative design of products, services, branding, and communication systems for companies such as IDEO, Nike, Volvo, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, Pentagram, PepsiCo, RKS Design, Microsoft, The Smithsonian, Adidas, Hasbro, Target, and Bosch.

What is Industrial Design?

What is ID? Post-It note board

Industrial design is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. Industrial designers develop these concepts and specifications for the user and manufacturer through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data, often within the context of cooperative working relationships with other members of a development group such as management, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing specialists. They then communicate their clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models, and verbal descriptions that embody all relevant design criteria determined by the group.

The industrial designer’s unique contribution emphasizes those aspects of the product or system that relate most directly to human characteristics, needs, experiences, and interests. This contribution requires specialized understanding of visual, spatial, and tactile senses as well as product safety and convenience criteria. Industrial designers are experts in anticipating psychological, physiological and sociological factors and perceptions that influence users of products and services. Industrial designers also maintain a practical concern for the technical processes and requirements for manufacturing; marketing opportunities and economic constraints; and regulatory requirements relevant to good design.

In addition to supplying concepts for products and systems, industrial designers are often retained for consultation on a variety of problems that have to do with product and organization identity systems, development of communication systems, interior and exhibit design, advertising devices and packaging, and other related services. Their expertise is often sought in a wide variety of administrative arenas to assist in developing industry standards, regulatory guidelines, and quality control procedures to improve manufacturing operations and products. Industrial designers are guided by a professional obligation to protect the public safety and well-being, to respect the environment, and to observe contractual and ethical business practices.

See Student Work

See more examples of student work here: Department of Industrial Design Student Work

It might be summer, but mentally we are still here.

You can be too - the @ncsuart2wear photo galleries are now live. Link in bio to view and download. 💃📸

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🎶🦋 and the butterflies and bees 🐝🎵 ...

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Take-out food has been a culinary staple for decades, but traditional plastic and foamed polystyrene containers end up in landfills and are not sustainable. 🥡🍟🥤

To combat packaging waste, the College of Design worked alongside @eastmanglobal to create environmentally-friendly food packaging using a new compostable material.

Eastman enlisted the College of Design to transform a new biodegradable and compostable material the company had created. Senior industrial design students created take-out containers with the entire supply chain in mind — containers that are easy to assemble, pack, eat from and dispose of. The end result promises added sustainability in the restaurant industry.

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📸 Master of Industrial Design student Madelyn Lammert holding a prototype designed for the Eastman studio at the College of Design.

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💌 Something good is waiting in your mailbox 💌

📖 Check out the latest issue of Designlife Magazine for the most interesting and impactful stories from the College of Design.

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⬇️ What's Inside ⬇️

🔶 A New Way to Measure: Bringing Drone Technology to Landscape Architecture
🔶 From A-to-Z: Lesley-Ann Noel and Decolonizing Design
🔶 Honoring Faculty: Pat Rand Initiates Roger Clark Support Speaker Endowment
🔶 When Graphic Design Meets Big Tech: Red Hat Sponsored Studio Tackles Autonomous Vehicles
🔶 3D-Printed Ceramics Encompass Art, Technology and Tradition
🔶 Celebrate the College of Design’s 75th Anniversary

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Pomp and Circumstance. Red and White.
Congratulations class of 2022! 🎉🎓

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"The most enjoyable and difficult moment I remember while studying architecture was when I stayed up all night preparing for a review with my studio friends.

We were close to each other during the moments, and we spanned almost 20 hours a day. We were encouraging and leading each other, and also we were eating and chatting together. When I look back on my five years of journey at the studio, the moments where I thought I was very discouraged and frustrated were actually the most shining day of mine. The studio is always up and on 24/7. The studio lighted up those days for 5 years like moonlight in the night.

Five years of NC State made a big turning point in my life.

It had new programs that I could experience and met new people that I could make social with people who have various communication with many topics, so it became a steppingstone of the opportunity the experience abundantly and develop my future carrier and my future about the architecture.

After I graduate, I will develop my career further by training in architecture, which is the beginning of my life as a newcomer to society. I am about to marry my loved one, a new beginning that will come soon.

I am so thankful to my beloved parents, my sister Jane, my husband Young, my precious friend Leah and Sky. Also, Ashely helped me finish school well by having Chipotle time, and studio mates who spent the time with the studio stayed over each night. I realized that there were many people I was thankful for until graduation day." - Soya Kim [B.Arch. '22]

🎓 Do you have a favorite memory from your time at the COD?
🎓 Was there a lesson that impacted you personally or professionally?
🎓 Wanna give a shoutout to someone who helped you along the way?

#Howlback and DM us with your story + any photos you want to share with the world!

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🗣️ Join the Art + Design senior class on Monday, May 2 at the Pullen Arts Center for their annual senior showcase!

At this event, students get a chance to highlight their favorite creations spanning the entirety of their college careers.

The Art + Design Senior Lecture studio allows students to analyze the history of their individual processes of ideation and design, examine present expressions of their work, and explore possibilities for future implementation.

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🗣️ Dissonance takes the stage TONIGHT.
🧵 "Facade" by Madison Smith [ADN '22]

🕖 7:00 pm
📍 Stewart Theater
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