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Student Resources

We understand life can take a bad turn when you least expect it so we want to remind you of the free available resources on campus you can use.

We're here to HELP you the best we can!

Meet our embedded counselor, Emily!

Emily Burdo, LCSW, has taken on the role of a full-time embedded counselor at the College of Design. In her capacity within the college, Burdo’s primary objective is to establish an inviting environment for personalized emotional support. Additionally, she aims to equip students with the necessary resources to explore various avenues of mental health assistance.

Learn more about all Emily has to offer in this Q&A

Portrait of Emily Burdo outside with sunflowers

Financial Aid

A wide variety of scholarships and financial aid options exist across the University, the College of Design and the various departments. These opportunities span a range of criteria, from exemplary academic performance to need. We encourage you to complete applications for all opportunities for which you may be eligible. Here, we have provided a brief overview.

Emergency Aid

Pack Essentials: NC State and campus partners have developed many programs to support students in need of food, housing, financial, and educational security.

TLC Endowment for College of Design Student Aid: The TLC Endowment provides financial support to College of Design students who are struggling with financial hardships. Fund uses may include, but are not limited to purchasing of required materials for the recipient’s studies (beyond tuition) such as books, supplies and/or technology. Preference shall be given to undergraduate students who are North Carolina residents. Recipients shall be selected based on a rolling applications process. Apply via PackAssist. For additional questions, please contact Jenny Tiet at

Financial Insecurity:

  • Student Emergency Fund – Visit to apply for the Student Emergency Fund. They are committed to helping students with essential expenses and resources so they don’t have to choose between their basic needs or academic career. Students who have not previously received funding through this program will be prioritized.
  • University short-term loansShort-term loans are available to assist students who need small amounts of funding for emergency expenses. The maximum available loan is $500.
  • NC State Survivor Fund – The NC State Survivor Fund provides for immediate and unforeseen needs that arise as a direct result of experiencing interpersonal violence. 

Housing Insecurity

  • Temporary and Emergency Housing – NC State University Housing provides temporary and emergency housing on a case-by-case basis. Contact Katrina Pawvluk for more information at or 919-515-4339.
  • Wake County Housing Resource and Referral Line – If you are currently homeless, in immediate danger of becoming homeless, have received an eviction notice from your landlord or are facing a possible eviction after receiving a late notice, please call Wake County Housing Resource and Referral Line at 919-443-0096 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm) or visit for immediate assistance.
    • Women’s Center of Wake County – Get help with meals, clothing, basic needs, healthcare, storage, mailing services, transportation, workshops, housing support, and documents or referrals at the Women’s Center.

Food Insecurity

  • Feed the Pack – Visit the Feed the Pack Pantry at 2200 Hillsborough St. on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday and complete their Patron Intake Form annually!
  • Sign up for SNAP! – Are you working an average of 20 hours a week? Find out if you’re eligible and sign up at NC State’s More in My Basket page at for food assistance!
  • Share Meals app (Apple or Google Play) – see the free food available on campus or if someone is giving away their extra meal ticket!
  • Apply for an NC State Meal Scholarship through Pack Essentials at

University Student Legal Services

  • Funded by student fees so all services provided are FREE (no additional costs)!
  • Visit to connect and learn helpful info like how to interact with police, what to do when renting off campus, what’s the policy for weapons on campus, or listen to their podcast!
  • Services provided include notarizations, advice on legal matters, settlement negotiations, document creation and review, court representation in certain civil matters, criminal expungements, resource referrals, educational materials, workshops, panel discussions, seminars, and advising registered student groups/Student Government/Student Media/Union Activities Board.
  • Need help but not sure where to start? Want to discuss your situation confidentially?

Mental Health and Wellness

Most charges for these services are eliminated due to payment of student fees but some services will result in charges. What services are charged and for how much? Refer to

  • College of Design Embedded Counselor – Emily Burdo, LCSW, offers counseling services from her office in Brooks Hall. Read this Q&A to learn more about what she offers and how to get in touch.
  • NC Cares Referral and Workshop Program – Worried about a peer or colleague? Contact NC Cares to submit an anonymous report at to have someone check in and follow-up with him/her/them or sign up for their training!
  • Suicide Prevention (QPR) Training – Students, faculty, and staff can go through training to be able to identify those in mental distress, properly respond to peers or colleagues, and refer them to the services and resources available on campus. Sign up at
  • Counseling Center – Did you know most of the services offered are FREE?
    • Are you new to the Counseling Center? Make an appointment by visiting their Getting Started page or call them at 919-515-2423.
    • What services are provided? Refer to for details
      • Counseling, Addictive Behavior, Sexual Assault & Interpersonal Violence, Academic, Career and Group Therapy, and Psychiatric Services.
  • Sexual Assault Helpline – available 24/7, every day, all year at 919-545-4444.
  • Questioning your mental health? Take this anonymous screening at
  • Wellness and Recreation CenterNC State Wellness and Recreation empowers the Wolfpack community to thrive. Together, we explore and grow in these six elements of wellness: purpose, financial, physical, emotional, social and community.
  • Campus Health – Provides services such as primary care, gynecology, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, pharmacy, dental, orthopaedogy, and gastroenterology.
    • Which health insurance is accepted at Campus Health? Refer to under the “Accepted Insurances” section. Did you know? FREE STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) tests are provided on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at Campus Health!
    • Sign up for a GoodRx Prescription Discount card for FREE at! This allows you to get discounts for prescription drugs at various pharmacies across the US!
  • Pack Recovery – Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) serving students in recovery from substance use disorders.
  • Accommodations, Adjustments, & Accessibility – Students can request accommodations, schedule tests at the proctoring center, or ask questions at or visit
  • Tutoring is available with the Academic Success Center in DH Hill Library or the Physics Tutorial Center.
  • Wolfpack Pick Up is a program from the Division of Academic and Student Affairs that provides rides for students living with disabilities and/or injuries to classes on main and Centennial campuses.
  • Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Spaces – Feel welcome to visit the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Spaces. Respectful spaces to serve all students to help with holistic wellness!

For assistance at the College of Design, please contact:

Campus Community

  • College of Design Student Organizations – For a list of College of Design student organizations, click here.
  • NC State Student Organizations – For a list of NC State student organizations, visit the Get Involved website.
  • SLACK – Connect with everyone at the College of Design through SLACK!
    • Contact Academic Advisor, Jenny Tiet, at to be emailed an invitation to join this forum! You can download Slack onto your computer, laptop, or personal devices as well.
  • College of Design Mentorship Program – SIGN UP to be a mentee at the College of Design’s Mentorship Program when the call goes out each August! It’s a great way to connect with your peers and add to your resume or CV! The assignments last a year, and you will be rewarded with new networks and professional development opportunities. Interested? Let us know at Student Services!
  • African American Cultural Center
  • GLBT Center
  • Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Women’s Center – Advocates at the Women’s Center provide support to survivors of sexual and relationship violence including stalking. 
  • International Services
  • Student Ombuds
  • On-Campus Events:
    • Packapalooza – Each August, roam Hillsborough Street to enjoy free gear, events, discounts, giveaways, concerts, and more at our annual Packapalooza!
    • Red & White Week – Each fall, around October or November, NC State has its biggest celebration of the year- homecoming!
    • Wolfpack Welcome Week – During Wolfpack Welcome Week (WWW) you’ll begin to experience the best of NC State and create a foundation for a successful academic year. As we welcome our new students to the Wolfpack community, WWW is your time to learn about your new home, make new friends, build your community, and explore exciting ways to engage in and outside of the classroom.
  • Technology Services:
  • Transportation
    • Ride our WolfLine FREE
    • Download the Transloc app from the Apple or Google Play Store to track the university buses on your phone.
  • Career Resources – Explore our College of Design’s Career Resources page.
  • Career Development Center – Would you like more help outside of the Design realm? The Career Development Center at 2100 Pullen Hall can help prepare your resume, strengthen your interview skills, and provide business clothes as well.
  • DASA’s Graduation Regalia Loaner Program – Need to borrow regalia for graduation? Contact DASA’s Graduation Regalia Loaner Program at or 919-515-2396.

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