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Digital Design Lab Workshop Tracks

Digital Design Lab Workshop Tracks

Expanding our reach to the K-12 community at large through remote learning workshops.


NC State Design Lab now offers Digital Workshop Tracks that:

  • incorporate design thinking and processes.
  • are engaging and drive curiosity and promote self-motivation.
  • allow students to step away from their devices and complete hands-on tasks.
  • require the use of common household items and/or affordable and easy to obtain materials whenever possible.
  • provide participants an opportunity to practice and improve self-evaluation skills.

Summer 2020 Workshop Tracks

We are excited to offer online, asynchronous, discipline-specific workshop tracks. Each workshop track includes 6 two-hour modules. Students can register at any time between June 8 and July 24 for as many tracks as they are interested in. However, students and their parents/guardians are responsible for planning their time management and determining a reasonable workload prior to completing registration.

All workshop tracks will be made accessible starting July 6. The modules within each workshop track are designed to be self-paced, but we recommend completing one module each week over the course of the six week period from July 6 – August 14 if possible.

If a student registers later and must condense modules into a shorter time frame, we recommend considering the number of workshop tracks you register for and your availability during the remainder of the six week period, to August 14.

Workshop Tracks // Starting July 6, 2020:

  • Architecture: City Planning & Building Design
  • Landscape Architecture: Scale, Innovation, & The Human Experience
  • Art + Design: Game Design & Visual Storytelling

Prior to registering, please read the following:

Registration Process and Policies

  • The Registration Fee for each online workshop track is $150. Payment is due upon registration. Students may register for multiple workshops at a time. All forms and payment must be completed in order for registration to be finalized. Incomplete or unpaid registrations will not receive access to our online learning management system.
  • Access to online workshop tracks will open on July 6.
  • Register BEFORE July 6: Those who have completed registration and payment by July 5 will receive an email on July 6 with directions, an access code, and information for enrolling in our learning management system.
  • Register July 6 or AFTER: Those who register July 6 and after will receive directions, an access code, and information for enrolling in our learning management system in an email within two days of completing their registration. 
  • No refunds will be issued for any cancellations requested by registrants. If the workshop track is canceled by the Design Lab, full refunds will be issued.
  • Registration is NOW OPEN on our Digital Design Lab Registration page.

Summer 2020 Workshop Track Descriptions

Architecture: City Planning & Building Design

Suggested Age Range: 14-18

In this Architecture Workshop, students will investigate architecture and city planning through the conceptualization of a city district. Students will learn about evaluating and meeting the needs of clients and users through the design of a building integrated into the district site. Ideation exercises will teach the student how to pursue creative generation. The student will be asked to deliver three forms of design expression as drawings and models of their final design.

Landscape Architecture: Scale, Innovation, & The Human Experience

Suggested Age Range: 14-18

In this Landscape Architecture Workshop, students will learn about the importance of scaling to better understand space and communicate design ideas. They will receive an introduction to the engineering and architectural scale, as well as have the opportunity to assess and analyze various outdoor spaces using a scaled ruler. Students can also expect to receive instruction in specific drawing techniques to apply to their understanding of scale, and then use nature and art as inspiration to design an outdoor space that accounts for different spatial qualities and their impact on the human experience.

Art + Design: Game Design & Visual Storytelling

Suggested Age Range: 11-18

In this Art + Design Workshop, students will be introduced to an easy to learn tool that will allow them to make their own digital gaming experiences. They will learn about game design concepts, processes, and planning, as well as game critique. They will also create a game that others can play. No previous game design experience required. Students will also learn about the art of visual storytelling and storyboarding.

Financial Assistance

  • Financial Assistance is available for students in need who are motivated to learn about design.
  • To request financial assistance for Digital Design Lab workshops, you MUST submit the Financial Assistance Request Form BEFORE SUBMITTING your workshop registration in order to have your request reviewed and be provided with a fee waiver code.
  • To request Financial Assistance, submit the form through this link and wait for an allocation email before proceeding with this registration.
  • The deadline for summer 2020 Financial Assistance + Scholarship applications is July 17, 2020.
  • Would you like to support our Financial Assistance Fund?: As an initiative that is funded by its program fees, without the generosity of donors, financial assistance scholarships would not be possible. If you have the means to contribute to scholarships that give Digital Design Lab access to those in need, please visit our Giving Page.

Supplies and Equipment

Fees do not cover supplies, equipment and materials. A supply list specific to each workshop track will be provided by June 22, via email. Registrants and their parents/guardians are responsible for procuring the supplies needed for each workshop.

More details on equipment and digital platforms to be used will be provided with individual workshop supply lists. It is the responsibility of participants and their parents/guardians to ensure their equipment and software is compatible and ready for use, and that any equipment and platforms for the purposes of Digital Design Lab workshop tracks are used in a safe and appropriate manner.

All workshop tracks will require the following:

  • A laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection and access to a web browser
  • A Sketchbook or notebook for collecting ideas
  • A digital camera (can be a phone camera)

On occasion, students may also need:

  • Access to a printer
  • Access to a scanner
  • Access to a webcam (or device that can function as a webcam – either built-in, or external)