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Elevate your design thinking with this hands-on, hybrid degree.

For practicing designers looking to develop a high level of expertise in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, industrial design, and other art + design fields supported by College faculty.

Successful applicants must provide:

  • A short Statement of Purpose for graduate study will convince the reader that the applicant is motivated and prepared.
    • Not to exceed 400 words or 1-2 pages overall.
  • The capacity to articulate a clear topic with specific research questions for a clear and compelling design investigation.
    • Not to exceed 750 words or 2-3 pages overall.
  • demonstrated mastery over their respective practices through the submission of a digital portfolio. The portfolio should highlight relevant professional experience and/or current accomplishments in a design firm or studio, public or private museum, or governmental agency involved in design/planning.

Applicants must hold a Master’s degree and at least one degree from an accredited design, fine arts, or equivalent program.

Applicants submit transcripts of previous academic work with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (undergraduate and graduate studies) along with standardized graduate test scores such as the GRE*, and international students further provide TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Please note: There will be a increase to the Graduate School enrollment deposit starting for Fall 2022 applicants to all Graduate programs. The new required amount will be $500, which will also include a $16 credit card processing fee. This amount is subject to change in future admission cycles.

We seek applicants who are self-directed, focused, and resilient!

The Doctor of Design degree focuses on applied design research relevant to professional practice in design.

Strong applicants will show a depth of experience and a record of expertise in the design enterprise.

student talking to DDes faculty

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Elen Deming

M. Elen Deming, DDes, FASLA
Director, Doctor of Design and Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning