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Meghan Bausone

Systems Design and Innovation for Maternal Health, Cohort 4

LaShana Broussard-Morris

Mass market access systems for local artisans, Cohort 2

Teresa Buckwalter

Rural communication strategies for climate change, Cohort 1

Lee Cherry

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence, Cohort 1

Keith Chung

Innovations in self-organization in homeless communities, Cohort 3

Carla Delcambre

Adapting VR techniques for teaching landscape construction, Cohort 1

Melissa Eggleston

Cohort 5; UX Researcher and Designer, Digital Service at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare

Kevin FitzGerald

Using frame theory for public discourse on wicked problems, Cohort 2

Elyse Girard

Universal design for equity and inclusion and information literacy, Cohort 4

Justin Johnson

Video game design for restorative therapy, Cohort 1

William Lidwell

Principles of universal design for cross-species communication, Cohort 3

Shruthi Manjula Balakrishna

Cohort 4; Design Director, FÖDA

Chris Mismash

Promoting design innovation in service organizations, Cohort 3

Joe Moore

Assessing NEA’s Main Street program for revitalization outcomes, Cohort 2

Lexi Namer

Cohort 4; Lead Digital Product Designer, Mayo Clinic

Iyare Oronsaye

Engaging children of color in digital design and game industry, Cohort 3

Mike Ortosky

Resilient community-based food systems, Cohort 1

AJ Polanco

Equitable testing for deaf and hard of hearing children, Cohort 1

Anne Spafford

Therapeutic gardens for youth rehabilitation and wellness, Cohort 2

Astrid Sri Haryati

Strategies for managing growth in coastal Indonesia, Cohort 3

Juhann Waller

Early warning flood-control system for at-risk communities, Cohort 1

Jonathan Williams

Designerly knotting as a curricular asset, Cohort 2