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D.Des Alumni & Candidates

D.Des Alumni

Student practitioners who have successfully defended their dissertations and have graduated from our program.

Juhann Waller, D.Des (Summer 2023)

Dissertation: Resilient Infrastructure: An Integrated Design Approach for the Equitable Distribution of Stormwater Capital Improvements Projects for Pluvial Flood Mitigation
Dissertation link:
Advisor: Kofi Boone

Jonathan Williams, D.Des (Spring 2024)

Dissertation: Learning Design Through Designerly Knotting
Dissertation link:
Advisor: Derek Ham

D.Des Candidates

Student practitioners who have successfully completed their preliminary exams, and are now working on completing their dissertations.

Lee Cherry

Lee Cherry

Dissertation Title: Changing Physiognomy of the Smart City: Examining Digital Marginalia of Connected Communities using Civic Technology and AI Ethical Frameworks

Carla Delcambre

Dissertation Title: Demystifying the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Landscape Architecture Education to Advance the Impact of Student Learning in a Studio Environment

Kevin Fitzgerald

Kevin FitzGerald

Dissertation title: A Research Proposal to Examine the Effects of Framing on the Design and the Collaborative Governance of the Digital Library of the Middle East

Justin Johnson

Dissertation Title: Designing a Nature Based VR Game for Mental Restoration

Will Lidwell


Shruthi Manjula Balakrishna

Dissertation Title: Evaluating the Impact of Menu Formats on Safety Perceptions, Trust, and Dining Experiences in Upscale Restaurants Post-Pandemic: A Strategic Experiential Modules Framework-Based Comparative Analysis

Lexi Namer

Dissertation Title: Harm-Aware Digital Healthcare Design: A Quick-Reference Tool for Digital Product Designers

Mike Ortosky

Dissertation Title: Farmland Preservation in the Urban Fringe: Policy Implications in Orange County, North Carolina

Maren Parsell

Maren Parsell

Dissertation Title: Design Innovation Integration: Challenges and Opportunities in Currently Funded NIH Grant Proposals

AJ Polanco

Dissertation Title: Exploring the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inclusion Gap in Middle School Assessment Design, and a Multi-Disciplinary Framework Proposal to Address It

Anne Spafford

Anne Spafford

Dissertation Title: Creating a Landscape Language for Health: The Intersection of Green Infrastructure & Human Resilience