Get ready to design your life.

At the NC State College of Design, the admissions process isn’t simply about finding students who meet our qualifications. It is identifying those who we can best serve. Because ultimately, the educational process is much more successful when a student and a school are a good match for each other. At the College of Design, we strive to create relationships that reflect well on our faculty as well as our students to create and maintain a healthy, productive learning environment.

Good design is critical to a company’s success – and executives are taking note. Now, perhaps more than at any other time in history, great design is fueling innovation – across all types of industries.

“Innovation today is inextricably linked with design--and design has become a decisive advantage in countless industries, not to mention a crucial tool to ward off commoditization. Companies singing the design gospel range from Comcast to Pinterest to Starbucks.” – Cliff Kuang, Fast Company

So what are we creating at the College of Design? And why does it matter?

In today’s culture where most everyone has at least one electronic device, if not many, design is what drives these products.

During continued explosive growth across the world, where buildings and landscapes are constructed using sustainable materials, design is what drives these developments.

At a time when animation, interactive media and graphic design combine to provide our culture with entertainment, gaming, filmmaking, and more, design is what drives our way of living.

At NC State’s College of Design – we are living out what we call Life by Design. It’s how we think, work and dream. Sound like you? Find out how to join us.

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