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2021 Design + Build

Penny Lane Farm Pavilion

Project Information

Client: Farm at Penny Lane, UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health

Location: Pittsboro, NC

Size: 830 SQFT

Program: An open air pavilion gathering space with small storage for an adjacent garden.

Materials: Southern yellow pine lumber, expressive steel structural connections, cast in place concrete, water catchment system

Students: Alex Dascenzo, Carmina Ferreras, Caroline Marshall, Caroline Mikulski, Clayton Johnson, Dave Wright, Jesse Miner, Leslie Harrison, Rabia Rana, Rijul Solanki, Trevor Healy

Instructors: Randy Lanou, Erik Mehlman, Ruby Reeves, Ryan Stamey, TA – Molly Ravenscraft

Structural Engineer: Mitch Fluhrer

A multipurpose pavilion for community gathering and harvest storage.  Located adjacent to a large therapeutic garden, this pavilion serves a variety of programs throughout the year including cooking demonstrations, outdoor dinners, yoga, and mental health seminars for veterans. Oriented to catch cross winds along the length of the project, this project is structurally expressive, innovative, and fits well into the rural site.  After 2 years of use, the client stated the pavilion is being used at least once a week for scheduled events and daily for unscheduled events.

Project Images