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2017 Design + Build

The Agroecology Harvest Barn

Project Information

Clients: NC State Agroecology Education Farm & NC State Dining

Location: NCSU Agroecology Education Farm, Raleigh NC

Size: 1769 SQFT

Program: Create a post harvesting facility to also serve as the centerpiece of the farm for hosting farm-to-table fundraising dinners. It shall include a vegetable preparation, washing, and boxing area; a refrigerated cooler area for vegetable storage; and an open covered gathering space to serve up to 25 people

Materials: Steel, Wood, Concrete

Students: Abdulrahman Alraddadi, Marianna Bowker, Daniel Ferguson, Ryan Houser, Rosa McDonald, Kelsey Morrison, Scott Needham, Jessica Swanson, Lillian Wu

Instructors: Randall Lanou, BuildSense; Erik Mehlman, BuildSense; Ellen Cassilly, Ellen Cassilly Architect; Gabby Seider, Teaching Assistant

Instructional Collaborators: Scott Metheny, BuildSense

Structural Engineer: Robert Macia, PE, Scalene Design

Over an 11 week period students designed and built a post harvesting facility for the Agroecology Farm at NC State University, an educational farm founded in 2006 as a place for students and the community to come together, to learn, and to practice sustainable agriculture. The farm managers approached the Design + Build Studio to create this post harvest facility and event space. The farm provides fresh vegetables to NC State Dining for the dining halls on campus and hosts annual farm-to-table events. The design features a traditional barn vernacular redefined in an expressive manner. The new structure functions as a showcase building for the farm as it continues to grow.

Project Images