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2015 Design + Build

Wolf Prowl Wild Carnivore Husbandry Center

Project Information

Clients: North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine

Location: NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Raleigh NC

Size: 384 square feet

Program: Create an animal husbandry facility for the College of Veterinary Medicine Zoological Teaching Animal Unit (ZTAU). It shall have space to accommodate food storage and preparation, animal care procedures, research, and teaching. It shall provide a peaceful means for singular or small groups of researchers to observe the animals on site.

Materials: Wood, Steel, Concrete, Glass, Polygal Panels, Reclaimed Walnut, Reclaimed Heavy Timber Decking

Students: Ashleigh Brewer, Mitch Caldwell, Jon Currin, Sarah Dunsford, Olivla Hargett, Raphael Hatley, Braxton Hinkle, Skylar Kitchen, Josh Leab, Nicole Martinez, Marty Needham, Morgan Parrish, Jason Patterson, Yuzhou Peng, Will Sendor, Matt Teti, Michael Wengenroth, Annie Zipper

Instructors: Randall Lanou, BuildSense; Erik Mehlman, BuildSense; Ellen Cassilly, Ellen Cassilly Architect; Joel Lubell, Teaching Assistant

Instructional Collaborators: Scott Metheny, BuildSense

Structural Engineer: Diane Thompson, PE, Stewart Engineering

Over an 11 week period students of the Design + Build Studio teamed with students from Landscape Architecture and the College of Veterinary Medicine to program, design, and build a wild animal husbandry facility. The “dogtrot” scheme was chosen for its simplicity and functionality. The breezeway separates the food preparation room from an animal procedure and equipment room. The dynamic roof form, built of 4” thick reclaimed drivable deck boards, is reminiscent of a wolf on prowl.

Project Images