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2013 Design + Build

Touching Water - The Floating Lab at Hub Farm

Project Information

Clients: Durham Public Schools

Location: The Hub Farm in Durham, NC

Size: 754 SQFT

Program: Create an outdoor classroom for elementary and middle school experiential learning. It shall include various size class areas and storage for supplies.

Materials: Wood and Steel

Students: Hannah Atkinson, James Baxter, Brian Cheek, Rachel Gonsalves, Michael Greene, Gabriell Jenkins, Katie Johnson, Stephen Killian, Mason Lehman, Lawrence Lippard, Madison McNabb, Ruby Reeves, Morgan Van Horn, Adam Ward, Henry Cheek, Rachel Gonsalves, Gabrielle Jenkins, Laura Johnson, Stephen Killian, Mason Lehman

Instructors: Randall Lanou, BuildSense; Erik Mehlman, BuildSense; Ellen Cassilly, Ellen Cassilly Architect; Aaron Trudo, Teaching Assistant

Instructional Collaborators: Scott Metheny, BuildSense

Structural Engineer: Richard Kaydos-Daniels, Kaydos-Daniels Engineers

The Floating Lab at Hub Farm is a unique project produced by students and professors for professors and students. The Hub Farm of Durham Public Schools is a 30-acre farm, woodland, and aquatic habitat where students, teachers, and the community: grow, harvest, cook and eat healthful food; hike, bike, and explore nature; and engage in experiential learning about agriculture, food systems, and natural science. They desired an outdoor classroom. The Design + Build Studio developed a plan for a classroom on the water; a place of excitement, wonder, and learning in the heart of the Hub Farm. It features a magnificent soaring roof structure supported by tension rods. It sits atop a wood slatted screen wall and sliding metal door which divide the space into larger and smaller meeting spaces. The center screen wall houses a blackboard and storage for supplies and stools. The Floating Lab at Hub Farm provides beautiful setting for experiential education.

Project Images