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2010 Design + Build

Wake County Recycling and Solid Waste Convenience Huts

Project Information

Clients: Wake County Solid Waste

Location: Raleigh, NC

Size: 119 SQFT each

Program: Three modular convenience center huts (CCH’s) of maximum size (8′-6″w x 11′-0″h x 14′-0″l) and maximum weight (3,000 lbs). They are to provide conditioned and powered shelter for recycling center staff as well as a small workspace and an are for storage and food preparation. Each unit must be comprised of 50% minimum recycled material. Each unit must include a rain water collection system.

Materials: Steel, Wood, Various Recycled Materials

Students: Barton Strawn, Kyler McClure, Lorena Akin, Camille Jackson, Brian Casto, Lauren Westmoreland, Eric Goldman, Elaine Lopes, Jennifer Peeler, Jason Hines, Laura Read, Kelly Lowry, Christof Korandi, Wendy Morrison, Jennifer Truman

Instructors: Randall Lanou, BuildSense; Erik Mehlman, BuildSense

Instructional Collaborators: Nick Owings, BuildSense; KC Kurtz, BuildSense

Structural Engineer: Robert Munach, PE

Over the course of 11 weeks students were responsible for design, construction documents and permitting, cost-estimates, budgeting, scheduling, and construction of three new CCHs to replace existing dilapidated structures. The new huts needed to be symbolic of recycling, reuse, conservation, and energy efficiency. The designs incorporated porches, planters, and site built roof extensions. The modular units were built in the NC State College of Design courtyard and transported and installed at each site. Special attention was paid to each site to limit the work for code required accessibility ramps at each location.

Project Images