K-12 Students

Programs for K-12 Students

As a part of its strategic mission, The Design Lab for K-12 Education offers Pre-College programming for students who are interested in studying design at the college level. Current programs include Design Camp, Open Studio, Summer Studios, and Weekend Workshops. If you are a student who is interested in design, these are opportunities not to be missed!

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Design Camp

Design Camp is an annual series of summer programs offered to high school and middle school students interested in design. Design Camp informs students about college study in design and raises awareness of the impact of design in all aspects of our everyday lives. The design thinking skills and creative experience gained at Design Camp can empower students to become innovative problem solvers who are prepared to tackle future challenges.

Summer Studios

Summer Studios is an annual series of discipline-specific art and design pre-college summer programs offered to high school students. Each week-long studio includes a mix of short and long-term projects, small group critiques, and final project presentations. Additionally, instructors may plan field trips, invite guests to share their work, and participate in reviews.

Open Studio

Open Studio is a semesterly program for local high-school teens to bring in works in progress to work alongside other creative students in a college studio environment. A roundtable review will be held during which students will receive feedback from their peers, NC State College of Design students, faculty, and guest artists on their work. This is a great opportunity for students serious about preparing portfolios for art and design college admissions.

Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops are brief, immersive design education experiences, offering a wide range of opportunities for teens interested in design. From skill-building to design thinking to concept-based projects to interdisciplinary design mash-ups and more, our talented instructors guide students in developing knowledge and experience in their focus area.