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Invest in the future of design education.

Endowment gifts are a long-lasting investment in the future of Design education and one of the most important that a donor can make. An endowment provides income in perpetuity for a scholarship, fellowship, professorship, or other named priority. The principal of the gift remains invested while only the endowment’s annual income is used for the donor’s chosen purpose. Donors can create their own endowed funds or contribute to an existing fund.


Endowed scholarships are an investment in the future of Design. A scholarship provides students not only the ability to attend the College of Design, but they are an inspiration that others are interested in investing in their future. Scholarships also allow the college to recruit a diverse student body that fuels a rich culture of discovery and learning.

Minimum Endowment levels for named Scholarships:

  • A gift of $500,000 or more provides full-tuition support for a student in a program of the donor’s choice as well as a stipend for experiential learning, service-learning or study abroad.
  • A gift of $50,000 or more provides a partial merit-based scholarship in a program of the donor’s choice in recognition of the student’s exceptional academic ability, talent and potential.
  • A gift of $50,000 or more provides a partial merit- or need-based scholarship for a student in an undergraduate program of the donor’s choice.
  • AIA NC Eastern Section Scholarship – Give Now
  • AIA Piedmont Section Scholarship
  • AIA Triangle Scholarship – Give Now
  • AIA Winston-Salem Scholarship
  • Boney Architects Endowed Scholarship – Give Now
  • T. Wilson Scholarship Fund – Give Now
  • CSI Raleigh Durham Chapter Scholarship – Give Now
  • Curtis W. Fentress Scholarship – Give Now
  • David Allen Co. Dean’s Scholarship – Give Now
  • Donna P. Duerk Scholarship, Inc. in Honor of Women In Architecture – Give Now
  • Douglas D. Westmoreland Scholarship – Give Now
  • Eduardo Catalano Architecture Scholarship – Give Now
  • Edwin F. Harris, Jr. and Susan Arrendell Scholarship – Give Now
  • Elizabeth B Lee Scholarship – Give Now
  • Friends of Masonry/Louis Sullivan Design Competition – Give Now
  • Fred W. Butner Jr. Scholarship – Give Now
  • Fred M. Taylor Scholarship – Give Now
  • Irwin Jones/Horacio Caminos Travel Scholarship – Give Now
  • John Evans Rice Scholarship – Give Now
  • A. Jones Architecture Scholarship – Give Now
  • KieranTimberlake Architecture Scholarship Endowment on behalf of Billie Faircloth ’94 – Give Now
  • Michael Tribble Endowed Scholarship – Give Now
  • North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association/Sigmon Memorial Scholarship – Give Now
  • Patrick Rand/Southeast Concrete Masonry Association Scholarship – Give Now
  • Peterson Associates Scholarship – Give Now
  • The Robert A. Chase Prize – Give Now
  • The Shawcroft Prize for Drawing – Give Now
  • Tony Sharp Memorial Scholarship – Give Now
  • Vines Architecture Inc. Scholarship – Give Now
  • William & Jane Valentine Scholarship – Give Now
  • William B. Little Scholarship – Give Now
  • Pumpkin King Scholarship (Art+Design and Industrial Design) – Give Now
  • Jay Purvis Scholarship (Art+Design and Graphic Design)  – Give Now
  • Catherine S. and Herbert P. McKim Diversity Scholarship for Architecture – Give Now
  • Duncan Stuart Design Scholarship – Give Now
  • Joseph H. Cox Memorial Fund – Give Now
  • Noble McDuffie Study Abroad Scholarship – Give Now
  • Pamela G. & Richard D. Jones, Jr. Endowed Scholarship – Give Now
  • Randall L. & Susan P. Ward Design Scholarship – Give Now
  • John Reuer Memorial Endowment Scholarship – Give Now
  • Graphic Design Student Study Abroad Scholarship – Give Now
  • Jay Purvis Scholarship (Graphic Design and Art+Design) – Give Now
  • L. White Scholarship – Give Now
  • Etta Bea Scholarship – Give Now
  • Pumpkin King Scholarship (Art+Design and Industrial Design) – Give Now
  • Raleigh Hunter Endowed Scholarship In Visual Design – Give Now
  • Robertson Endowed Scholarship In Industrial Design – Give Now
  • Samuel B. Hedstrom Award – Give Now

Questions? Contact our Development Team!

Dwain Teague

Executive Director of Philanthropy

Alex Wilkinson

Assistant Director of Leadership Annual Giving

Lauren Hipp

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Alli Mosco

Development Program Specialist

You Get Back What You Give

Kimberly Siran [MLAR ’97] sees the value and benefits of staying connected and is truly living the Designlife. Recently, Siran established the Kimberly J. Siran Landscape Architecture Graduate Award Endowment. “This is my way of giving back in a specific way that will provide students the opportunity for higher education that I received,” Siran says. 

Kimberley Wicker

Graduate Fellowships

Endowed fellowships elevate the standing of academic departments and attract applications from the brightest prospective graduate students from around the world. Students receiving these fellowships will become the next generation of scholars and innovators.

Minimum Endowment levels for Graduate Fellowships:

Graduate Fellowships – $500,000 – A fully endowed fellowship will provide full tuition to an outstanding graduate student in the program area of the donor’s choice.

Graduate Fellowship Fund – $150,000 – This investment will provide partial tuition for an outstanding graduate student in the program area of the donor’s choice.

  • Duda/Paine Architects Fellowship – Give Now
  • Harry B. Gilbert Architecture Graduate Fellowship – Give Now
  • Kamphoefner Honor Fellowship – Give Now
  • Linda and Turan Duda Travel Fellowship – Give Now
  • Moseley Architects Fellowship
  • Odell Association Fellowship – Give Now
  • O’Brien/Atkins Associates Fellowship – Give Now
  • WGM Design Inc. Graduate Fellowship – Give Now
  • Franklin Bost Industrial Design Fellowship – Give Now
  • Raleigh Hunter Fellowship Endowment In Visual Design – Give Now
  • Charles and Marjorie Flink Fellowship in Landscape Architecture – Give Now
  • Claudia Gabaldon-Cotrim Landscape Architecture Endowment Fund for International Students – Give Now
  • Jimmie Haynes Kluttz Landscape Architecture Graduation Award – Give Now
  • LandDesign Endowed Scholarship in Landscape Architecture – Give Now
  • Landscape Architecture Scholarship – Give Now
  • NC ASLA Award for Excellence – Give Now
  • Rodney Swink and Juanita Shearer-Swink Landscape Architecture Graduate Student Award – Give Now
  • Wendy L. Olson Fellow Enhancement Endowment in Public Service in Landscape Architecture – Give Now

Helping our students and faculty do more

Over the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign, the College of Design has tripled the value of its endowments. Endowments are the bedrock of great universities and create sustainable support for the college.

Professorships and Faculty Support Funds

From its founding, the College of Design has a record of bringing outstanding faculty to teach and mentor students—from Eduardo Catalano, Joe Cox and Randy Hester. This is still a tradition today. We are proud of the relationships that our faculty builds with our students—everyone on a first name basis is unique to design.

During this campaign, one of our top priorities is endowed Professorships: Building a diverse faculty strong in teaching, research, and professional experience, continuing to provide the outstanding educational experience that the college is known for and enhancing our profile/reputation.

  • An endowed professorship will allow us to recruit top faculty from across the country and the world, which will increase our reputation, rankings, and increase prospective student interest.
  • The College will be able to provide research support and start-up costs for innovative young faculty, which will bring new ideas and opportunities for students to have hands-on research experience with a faculty member.
  • With a named professorship we will be able to retain top faculty by providing competitive compensation.  Faculty retention is vital to the College’s success.

Minimum Levels:

  • Deanship – $3,000,000
  • Department Head – $2,000,000
  • Faculty Chair – $2,500,000
  • Named Distinguished Professorship – $1,000,000
  • Faculty Award – $100,000