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Off-Campus Transfer

Off-Campus Transfer Admissions

It’s never too late to become a part of the Designlife here at NC State. College students, both domestic and international, who are looking for a premier institution to study design in the context of a larger university in the heart of the Research Triangle need look no further than the NC State College of Design!

Studio Based Majors | Architecture (BEDA), Art+Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design

Admission in Fall semester ONLY.

Steps for Complete Application

1. Submit a completed Common Application or Coalition Application with studio-based major as your first-choice major.

2. Submit 10 portfolio images and Design Essay through Slideroom. Guidelines can be found by clicking here.

3. Activate your personal wolfPAW account and complete the University required checklist.

Application Timeline

1. Undergraduate Admissions reviews applicants – for application essentials (GPA, transfer credits, etc.) then sends a list of competitive students to the College of Design.

2. College of Design then reviews the students’ 10-piece portfolio and Design Essay.

3. Applicants continuing in the review process will be invited to Admissions Review Day in January.

    • Admissions Review Day is a mandatory interview with faculty members or department heads. This part of the admission process is typically held on a Saturday in late January. Applicants will be notified in December if they have been selected and will receive detailed information at that time.

4. Final admissions notifications will be sent late February.

Non-Studio Based Major | Design Studies

* NO portfolio required for Design Studies applicants.

Admission in Fall and Spring Semesters

Steps for Complete Application for Design Studies:

1. Apply via Common Application or Coalition Application by Undergraduate Admissions deadlines.

    • We HIGHLY recommend that you put a second-choice major. If you are not selected for your first choice major, you could be under consideration for your second choice major. Your second choice major cannot be another studio-based major and should be something that interests you.

2. Activate your personal wolfPAW account and complete the University required checklist.



Bachelor of Architecture (BArch / 5th Year)

DEADLINE: January 5th

This is a one-year professional degree program and not available for recent high school graduates nor for college transfers (please see the BEDA program requirements if you are applying from high school or transferring into architecture). Applications to this program from graduates of other comparable four-year pre-professional programs in architecture are welcome. Admission requirements include prerequisite courses which must be included in the applicant’s undergraduate program. A transcript review will identify any prerequisite deficiencies. If accepted to the program, the applicant will be advised regarding how to comply with the prerequisite requirements.

FIND OUT MORE about the required portfolio and other requirements