Public Interest in Design

Public Interest in Design

NC State College of Design Faculty with Public-Related Teaching and Research

Professor of Architecture

Robin Abrams, Experiencing the City, ARC 590

Robin Abrams' focus is on city and regional planning. Through an interdisciplinary approach, her courses and research promotes design inquiry and applications at the scale of the city, considering the human condition particularity in making urban places. Topics covered include scale, movement, accessibility, mixed-uses, opportunities, and energy production, collection and saving at the local scale. The emphasis is to define new means to "green" the city and to capture a greater sense of identity, meaning, and quality within the city fabric. A certificate program in City Design is offered in conjunction with the NCSU Architecture and Landscape Architecture graduate degrees.

Prof. of Architecture, Dir. of Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Initiative

Tom Barrie, AIA, Affordable Housing Studio, ARC 402/503, Advanced Architectural Design

Barrie is a Professor of Architecture at NC State focused on affordable housing and urban design. He is committed to broadening the scope and audience of architecture through research, extension, and community-based design studios. He educates future leaders of the profession while engaging the public in critical issues regarding the built environment. Previously he was Professor of Architecture at Lawrence Technological University, where he founded the Detroit Studio. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Architectural History-Theory from the University of Manchester, England, and a Master of Architectural Design from Virginia Tech. He is a member of the NCSU Academy of Faculty Engaged in Extension.

Associate Professor of Architecture, Executive Director at Design Corps

Bryan Bell, Public Interest Design, Precedents and Current Issues, ARC 590, and Public Interest Design Incubator, ARC 402/503

Bryan Bell has thirty years of experience in public interest design. In 1985, Bell worked as Project Director in the office of Samuel Mockbee on three houses for rural families in Mississippi. The project received a 1986 Progressive Architecture First Award. Bell founded the non-profit organization Design Corps in 1991 "to provide the benefits of design for the 98% without architects.” Bell’s current work includes Public Interest Design and the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) which Bell co-founded. This work was supported by the FAIA Latrobe Prize and through a Harvard Loeb Fellowship. Bell has published three books in the field, organizes the Public Interest Design Institute and the Structures for Inclusion conference series. He was awarded a National AIA Award and was a National Design Award Finalist. His work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale and the Smithsonian National Design Museum. He holds degrees from Princeton and Yale. He is an Associate Professor at the College of Design, NC State University.

Professor of Architecture, Emerita, Director Home Environments Design Initiative

Georgia Bizios, FAIA

Professor Bizios’ teaching and research interests include architectural design, site and sustainability issues, user involvement in design, theories of placemaking, and principles of architectural design. She has served as Associate Dean at NC State University and Tulane University. In 2004, Professor Bizios established the Home Environments Design Initiative (HEDI) at the College of Design. Its mission is to initiate, facilitate and coordinate scholarship, research and outreach services in the area of quality design for home environments. Since that time HEDI has partnered with many affordable housing providers in North Carolina and has received several awards for service to our communities.

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Kofi Boone, Community Design (Social Equity), LAR 576 and International Landscape Architecture Design Studio (Ghana Field Studio) LAR 565; Sustainable Communities, LAR 577; Ecological Design, LAR 578

Through scholarship, teaching, and extension service, Professor Boone works in the landscape context of environmental justice. His research includes the use of new media as a means of increasing community input in design and planning processes. He serves as co-director of the College of Design’s Ghana Study Abroad Program and taught 6 courses in West Africa. Most recently, he led an International Service Learning partnership with Women in Progress/Global Mamas to develop concepts for new facilities and product lines. The coursework was featured in several venues, including the Huffington Post, and won a 2016 SEED Honorable Mention.

Professor and Head of Landscape Architecture

Gene Bressler, FASLA

Professor Bressler teaches the First-Year Fall MLA Design Studio along with Professor Art Rice. Bressler works with and mentors the faculty and students on their scholarship, teaching, and careers. His areas of research and teaching focus on urban growth, sustainable development, and the planning and design strategies for “Challenging Suburbia.”

Bressler serves on the Dean’s Administrative Council and Steering Committee for the College’s Annual Urban Design Forum, the Campus Review Panel, and the Provost’s Department Head Advisory Council. Bressler also sits on the Executive Committee of the NCASLA.  In 2009, Governor Perdue appointed him to the NC Board of Landscape Architects. Since 2010 Gene has co-represented NC State University on the Blue Ridge Road District Planning and Design Task Force.

Architect/Principal at Ellen Cassilly Architect

Ellen Cassilly, Public Interest Design/Build, ARC 402/503

In her practice Ellen regularly organizes and facilitates design charrettes to find out what is most important to the community. Examples of the fruits of this process are the Pavilion in Durham Central Park that becomes the Durham Farmers’ Market twice a week and also the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden at Duke University. Over the last 20 years, Ellen's participation in the design charrettes and advocacy of Durham Area Designers has evolved into a resource for the city as a whole, and most especially for the city council members. Occasionally, she is invited to assist in the master planning of redeveloping small towns in North Carolina such as Salisbury and Rocky Mount. She tries to impress on her students in the Design/Build studio the connection to the community in all projects.

Research Associate Professor, Director of Programs for the Natural Learning Initiative

Nilda Cosco

Dr. Cosco holds a degree in Educational Psychology, Universidad del Salvador, Argentina and a Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture, Heriot-Watt University / Edinburgh University, Scotland. In 2000, she co-founded the Natural Learning Initiative with Professor Robin Moore. She developed the statewide Preventing Obesity by Design (POD) project that co-directs since 2007. Cosco’s research focuses on the impact of the physical environment on children’s play, learning, health, and well-being. Findings are used to support evidence based design assistance, training, and dissemination of information.

Head of the Department of Art + Design, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Art + Design

Chandra Cox

Chandra Cox is a practicing artist, image-maker who works in a range of mediums from oil, acrylic to digital media. Professor Cox’s work has been presented in numerous museums and galleries around the country such as the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Her artworks in public collections include NC State University, North Carolina Central University and the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Teaching Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

Carla Delcambre

Professor Delcambre holds both an architecture degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Her passion in teaching is focused on environmental and ecological issues particularly those related to sustainable design, storm water management and brown field redevelopment.  She has taught graduate and undergraduate design studios and seminars in digital media, urban design, site development and construction. 

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Co-Director, Coastal Dynamics Design Lab, University Faculty Scholar

Andrew Fox, PLA, Coastal Dynamics Studio, LAR 500; Landscape Dynamics, 582; and Design+Build Studio, LAR 500

Andrew Fox, PLA, is an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and University Faculty Scholar at the NC State College of Design. He is Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Coastal Dynamics Design Lab, an initiative within the College of Design that addresses ecological and community development challenges in coastal regions. His teaching, research, and engagement efforts include design, development, and study of urban landscapes, naturalized educational environments, low-impact development strategies, and construction. These interests converge in the Design/Build Studio, which he teaches and directs. Design/Build’s projects have received numerous recognitions, including on the PBS program “Quest: The Science of Sustainability.”

Assistant Professor of Practice of Architecture

Jamey Glueck, PID Studio, ARC 402/503

For two semesters (Summer 15, Spring 16), Jamey has co-taught the Public Interest Architecture Seminar and Studio with Georgia Bizios and Katie Wakeford, focusing on issues of affordable housing and instructed the public interest architecture housing case study. The studio explores issues of public interest architecture by engaging local organizations and end users, often non-profits and their constituency, to design modest places for living. Jamey’s interest in this area began during his professional career, when he was exposed to the participatory design process, and continued through his graduate studies, culminating in his final project: “creating community | identity through place.”

Interim Head of the School of Architecture, Associate Professor of Architecture, Co-Director, Coastal Dynamics Design Lab

David Hill, Coastal Dynamics Studio, ARC 503

David Hill, AIA, is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Co-Director of the Coastal Dynamics Design Lab at the College of Design. He has led graduate and undergraduate design studios, digital representation courses, and seminars that focus on integrative digital simulation processes, architectural prototypes, and design strategies for coastal regions. David is pursuing his interests in coastal dynamics, prototypes, and simulation through a series of trans-disciplinary research and design projects with the College of Engineering, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Landscape Architecture, and the UNC Coastal Studies Institute.

Associate Professor of Industrial Design, Director of the Research in Ergonomics & Design Laboratory

Sharon Joines, Human Centered Design, ID 445

Sharon Joines is a researcher and ergonomist, teaching courses in human centered design and ergonomics. Her interests reside in universal design, applied product and process research, and the effect of aging on fatigue development and work. Her research focuses on quantifying the interaction between individuals, products, and their environment. Sharon works with engineers and designers in all phases of the design cycle. The challenges they have addressed traversed consumer markets, warehousing and distribution, medical applications, and manufacturing environments ranging from forging to clean rooms.

Partner/Company Lead at BuildSense

Randy Lanou, Public Interest Design/Build, ARC 402/503

Randy leads the Design/Build summer studio. Students experience the design-make-design cycle, learn and address client parameters, go beyond schematic design to design development and construction documents phases, integrate universal design principles, understand and respond to context and partners’ needs, integrate architecture and landscape architecture, work on a large team with a common goal, divide tasks t successfully complete a collaborative project, and physically build a permanent project. 

Lecturer, Director of Integrative Research and Associate Landscape Architect at Andropogon Associates

Emily McCoy, Performance and Metrics, LAR 582

Emily’s research and teaching is on landscape performance and metrics. Her field-based course on landscape performance measure the effectiveness with which landscape solutions fulfill their intended purpose and contribute to sustainability. Her research includes: Landscape Performance Research, Sustainable Design, Ecological Design and Planning, Urban Ecology, Green Infrastructure, Natural Resource Management, Geographic Information Science in Landscape Architecture, Public Land Design

Professor of Landscape Architecture, Director of Natural Learning Initiative

Robin Moore, Human Use of the Urban Landscape, LAR 579

Robin Moore is an authority on children's play and learning environment design, user needs research, and participatory open space design. His designs include the Environmental Yard in Berkeley, CA. He consulted on programming and design for the Chicago Zoological Society, the children's facility “Explore!” at Brookfield Zoo, Duke Park renovations, and the Durham Parks and Recreation Master Plan. He is also a consultant to a team currently working with the City of Lisbon, Portugal.  As director of the Natural Learning Initiative, he is involved in design and renovation of outdoor spaces for North Carolina preschools, special education facilities, and school-grounds.

Assistant Dean for Research and Extension, Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture

Celen Pasalar, Community Engagement

Dr. Celen Pasalar organizes and promotes design and planning projects for communities throughout North Carolina. She received her doctorate degree from the College of Design with a focus on Community and Environmental Design. Her research includes architectural design, urban design, and relationships between human behavior and built environment, including: urban streets, public spaces, and educational settings. It also focuses on community design, downtown revitalization, the role of design and impact on quality of life and natural environment, smart growth, new urbanism, and children’s environments. Pasalar has collaborated on a research publication sponsored by the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

Associate Dean of the College of Design, Professor of Landscape Architecture

Art Rice, FCELA

Art Rice has been a Professor of Landscape Architecture in the College of Design for twenty-five years.  He is a past President of, the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture and past Chair of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Academy of Fellows. 

He came to the College of Design in 1990 and served as Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture until 2000.  Today he is currently serving as both the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Interim Dean of the College of Design. He has taught numerous disciplinary and interdisciplinary design studios that have work with extensively with communities to explore strategies for improving the public realm and fostering environmental and economic wellbeing.  Most recently he was a co-principal investigator of a three-year interdisciplinary research and community engagement project focusing on understanding and communicating issues related to the future development of a major portion of Raleigh North Carolina.

Design Initiative for Sustainability & Health | Research Associate

Traci Rider

Dr. Traci Rose Rider is the Coordinator for the Design Initiative for Sustainability & Health and Research Associate at the NC State College of Design. Her research focuses on the relationship between design culture and sustainability, exploring factors impacting environmental attitudes of designers. Rider received her doctorate from the College of Design and currently teaches courses on sustainability, including a Sustainability in Architecture seminar and an interdisciplinary LEED Laboratory course focusing on the issues of existing buildings and operations. Her professional experience has included work in international design firms, green building non-profits, university extension, and sustainability consulting.


Katie Wakeford

Katie Wakeford has dual research interests in public interest design and in creating model internships in public interest architecture. She is the co-editors of Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism and Bridging the Gap: Public Interest Architectural Internships. She has taught related studios and seminar with Georgian Bizios, and with Professor Bizios established and others has established a new model for students to earn internship credits during their degree at NC State.