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Mary Archer, PLA

Design Research Associate, Natural Learning Initiative

Matthew Babb

UX/Communication Designer

Madalyn Baldwin, ASLA

Research Associate, Coastal Dynamics Design Lab

Kim Bradshaw

Human Resources Business Officer

William Cherry

Technology Associate for Research and Scholarship, Research Associate

Max Cohen

Digital Content and Social Media Specialist

Ashley Davis

Coordinator of Pre-College Programs, Design Lab

Brandon Dupree

Design Assistant, Natural Learning Initiative

Kathleen Fenner

Director of Career and Academic Advising

Fran Golden

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Ellen Hammond

College Scheduling Officer

Lauren Hipp

Assistant Director of Development

Daniel Jost

Research Assistant, Natural Learning Initiative

Christian Karkow

Specialty Trades Technician, Materials Lab

Charlotte Kennedy

Research Assistant, Natural Learning Initiative

Ginny King

Director, Research Administration and Pre-Award

Christine Klocke

Director of Communications and Marketing

Laura Lloyd

Professional Development Program Associate

Scott Lutz

Technology Support Analyst, Windows Support for IT Lab & Students

Joe McCoy

Director of Operations: Information Technology, Facilities and Laboratories

Alli Mosco

Development Program Specialist

Candice Murray

Associate Director of Development

Jill Orr

Executive Director of Development

Ashley Pearson

Administrative Support Specialist

Courtney Ray

Graduate Student Services Coordinator

Bria Sledge

University Program Associate, Natural Learning Initiative

Robert Watson

Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Specialty Trades Technician, Materials Lab

Tameka Whitaker

Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Services

Felicia Womack

Assistant Dean for Budget and Administration