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Graduate Concentration in the History + Theory of Architecture

Comprising one of the primary areas of inquiry in architectural education and practice ever since at least the first century BCE, the study of the history and theory of architecture has played an increasingly central role in defining and reshaping the boundaries, tasks, and questions of architecture and urbanism. It is the primary component that bridges the aims of scholarship and practice in architecture and urbanism.

In addition to familiarizing students with existing schools of thought and modes of practice, the courses offered under this concentration, which are an integral component of the School of Architecture’s graduate degree programs, provide students with methods of analyzing the built environment.  

The Graduate Concentration in the History + Theory of Architecture allows students to build a broader knowledge and a deeper understanding of the questions of architecture, urbanism, and the built environment. With these critical methods of analysis that the discipline of architecture shares with a variety of other disciplines, the students learn to think, write, and design in an interdisciplinary manner, ultimately bringing these analytical tools to shape their work in the design studio.

Students who are especially interested in building a broad knowledge base, becoming lead designers and innovative thinkers will find this concentration especially useful to their aims. This concentration is also essential for those students who are interested in writing and speaking about their work and the built environment, developing a thesis project, and/or pursuing post-professional degrees and teaching in architecture and related fields.

How to Apply

Contact Burak Erdim at or Courtney Ray at to enroll in this certificate program.