At the core of any successful college is quality instruction. And that is what makes NC State’s College of Design one of the best anywhere.

The college teaches thinking in an interdisciplinary environment that prepares individuals who, in the broadest sense, shape the world.

College of Design offers programs in Architecture, Art+Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Landscape Architecture. Our faculty – with backgrounds in both industry and academia – are carefully selected from around the world for their ability to motivate students and their passion for teaching.

Each program within the college is challenging – and that is done by design. The college wants to push each student to reach their full potential, even if that means taking them out of their comfort zone. While classroom lecture is a small but important part of the program, the majority of learning happens in studio where students collaborate with each other, apply their knowledge, experiment and hone their craft.

The college also encourages our students to find opportunities that will also add depth and character to their experience at the College of Design – whether that is studying abroad at the Prague Institute in Europe, working with the university’s literary magazine or accepting internships to study under talented designers in a variety of industries.

Our students in the College of Design have the unique experience of being a part of a tight-knit community that comes with enrolling in a smaller college, while still having all the resources a major university has to offer. And because of NC State’s status as a land-grant university, our students have the ability to help serve the state around us through research and extension projects ranging from design workshops for 4-H students to downtown enhancement strategies and conceptual plans for public parks.

Our hope is the combined efforts of all these things – classroom instruction, studio practice, extracurricular involvement and service learning – make your experience at the College of Design uniquely rewarding.