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Graduate Student Resources

Please review the information below. You are encouraged to explore the College of Design website and the NC State Graduate School website for all of the information and resources that are offered. If you have additional questions, please contact

Registration and Enrollment

Enrollment for graduate students starts on October 20th for Spring and Summer courses and March 20th for Fall courses. You are assigned a specific date and time to begin enrolling in your classes. You can find this information in your MyPack Portal. Students can register for courses using the Enrollment Wizard. Instructions can be found here.

Review the University Academic Calendar before the start of each semester to make sure you are aware of all important dates and deadlines. 

Review the information on this page about enrollment deadlines. Late enrollment will result in a  late registration fee. 

You can find all other university calendar information here.

The Graduate Plan of Work (PoW) is meant to serve as a guide for degree completion for both the student and their DGP/advisor. It should serve as an outline for academic progress and be updated on a semester or annual basis. The PoW is used to document what courses a student has completed or will take as part of their degree program

Instructions on how to enter the PoW and advisory committee are detailed below but can also be found here

The Graduate Plan of Work must include the following:

  • At least 30 credit hours for a master’s degree
  • At least 72 credit hours for a doctoral degree 
  • All courses taken that count toward the degree (Master’s Degrees Only)
  • No more than 6 credit hours of 400-level, non-major courses
    • Example. An M.Arch student could count 6 credits of 400-level ID coursework toward their degree, but not 6 credits of 400-level ARC courses.  
  • At least 3 committee members for master’s students
  • At least 4 committee members for doctoral students

Need to make changes to your committee after it has been approved? FIll out the appropriate form and return it to more information on how to complete your plan of work and advisory committee, please contact your Graduate Program Director or

One on-campus audit course is available at no charge when graduate students are registering during the fall or spring semester and are paying for other on-campus coursework. Any additional audited courses will have the same rates as credit courses. To request to audit a course, complete this Audit Request Form and return to

Under the Inter-Institutional Program, any enrolled degree-seeking graduate or undergraduate student (excluding non-degree students) may register for courses with appropriate approval at the following Universities: Duke University, North Carolina Central University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro. 
Graduate students must obtain approval from their academic advisor and complete the information on the Inter-Institutional Approval Form. Return the form to the NC State University Registration and Records Office.

Important dates to remember for all students are Census Date and the Drop/Revision Deadline.

  • Census Day is the
    • Last day for students to add a course with the permission of an instructor. 
    • Last day for students to drop a course without a W grade. Drops after this date will result in a W grade showing on the transcript. 
    • Last day to change a course from credit to audit.
    • Last day for graduate students to have a Reduced Course Load form submitted to the Graduate School and OIS (for international students) – this is only used during a graduate student’s last semester.
    • AFTER Census Day, graduate students must complete the Schedule Revision form add, drop, or swap a course. 

Students can submit schedule revision requests through the Enrollment Wizard after appropriate deadlines have passed. Some schedule revision actions include adding, dropping, or swapping courses. All requests will be routed to the appropriate department, college, or university officials for review and approval.

Internship courses and Independent Study courses require approval from instructors and graduate program directors. To enroll in these courses, ask your DGP or the College Scheduling officer for an Internship Request form or the Independent Study proposal form and return them to and the College of Design Scheduling Officer

Graduate students typically enroll for courses at the 500 through 800 level.

A student may take up to 6 hours of 400-level courses for graduate credit provided that they are outside the student’s major and the program is not at the doctoral level. No more than one 400-level course of up to 4 credit hours may be used for a graduate certificate.

More information on course registration can be found here.

Leave of Absence

Students who must interrupt their enrollment may, with a strong justification, request a leave of absence from graduate study for up to two semesters within a given graduate degree program. Students should initiate the request with their advisor and have it approved by their DGP before its submission to the Graduate School. The time spent on an approved leave of absence will be included in a degree’s time limit; i.e., the degree “clock” does not stop, nor is it reset.

If you intend to take a Leave of Absence, fill out this form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and return it to

Withdrawal from Classes

Withdrawal prior to Census. An approved Leave of Absence is required of any graduate student who withdraws prior to Census.

Withdrawing after Census. Withdrawal following Census constitutes continuous enrollment; therefore, a Leave of Absence is not required.

Withdrawal from the University – Information on how to withdraw from your program and the university can be found here.

The College of Design offers 4 graduate certificate programs and 1 specialized concentration. More information on those programs and how to apply as a current student can be found here. If you have questions, please contact the program directors. 

Graduate School Information

NC State University has over 200 graduate programs. It promotes the highest-quality education for students and postdoctoral scholars, including outstanding academic experiences, opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research, and professional development that prepares students and postdocs for success in their fields.

The Graduate School approves your admission to the university, course selection/schedule changes, plan of work and committee, and graduation among other things. Become familiar with the graduate school website. If you have any questions, email

Graduate School Help Desk: This page is a compilation of frequently asked questions.

The Graduate Handbook provides an overview of Graduate School functions and resources, as well as the rules, regulations, and procedures administered by the Graduate School.

It is the responsibility of all graduate students to know and understand their degree requirements. Students are responsible for the fulfillment of those requirements.

NC State also lists official policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) on the university’s PRR website. Links to pertinent PRRs are found in the Graduate Handbook sections that contain PRR information

The Graduate School’s professional development programs enhance graduate student and postdoctoral success by providing academic and career support, mentoring, and co-curricular experiences.

Please review this page for any forms you may need to complete for the graduate school. 

International Students

Once admitted, international students should correspond with the Office of International Services to make sure they have received all of the information they need for you to be able to be a student and possibly work in the United States. This office’s contact information can be found here.  

Financial Resources/Assistantships/Jobs

Follow these links for information on Financial Support opportunities for Domestic Students and International Students.

Each program within the College of Design has its own RA/TA selection process. For new students, RA/TA awards may be offered based on your portfolio and experience. These positions are mostly offered to current students and are awarded based on the availability of funds and positions within each department. 

Please note that these are all professional programs and most students self-fund their education.

You can find information on financing your education, tuition and fees, and paying your bill here.

If you have any questions about your bill at any time during the year, you should contact the University Student Services Cashier’s Office.

Find the requirements and eligibility information for the Graduate Student Support Plan here.

When eligible for the graduate student support plan, you will be automatically enrolled the Blue Cross Blue Shield “RA/TA” Health Plan. If your RA/TA appointment is for the Fall semester, your health insurance term will start on your first day of work and end on December 31st. If your RA/TA appointment is for the Spring semester, your health insurance term will start on your first day of work and end on July 31st. You can find more information on the RA/TA health plan here

This insurance is different from the UNC System Student BCBS insurance plan for other students. Once enrolled in the RA/TA plan you will be automatically waived from the UNC System health insurance. If you would like to waive both insurance plans and use your own insurance you can learn how to waive the UNC System Health Insurance here. To waive the RA/TA plan, follow the instructions on this page

Student Fees Payroll Deduction

Graduate students on assistantships have the option to enroll for payroll deduction to pay their student fees. Please note this option is not available to students on Fellowships as they are not paid through the Payroll system. This is not a pre-tax deduction. Payments will be deducted from the student’s stipend over six pay periods. If the appointment is terminated, any outstanding fees balance must be paid in full. Instructions found here.

You can find information on the UNC System Health Insurance here. It is mandatory for you to either show proof of your own health insurance (and waive the UNC System Health Insurance) or pay for the UNC System Health Insurance each semester. 

You can find jobs on campus at any of the following links

Information on On-Campus Employment for International Students can be found here.

The College of Design has its own Career Resources page with information specific to design jobs. If you have any questions, contact the College of Design Director of Career Advising.

The university also has a Career Development Center that has more resources for preparing for jobs, as well as ePack a job database specifically for NC State Students.

College of Design Resources and Contacts

University Resources

Student Activities