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Wayne Place, Ph.D.

Goodnight Distinguished Professor in Architecture

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As a Professor at North Carolina State University (1986 to present):

Use of natural light to illuminate the interiors of buildings to enhance life quality for the building occupants and to reduce building energy consumption. Major focuses of the research are:

  • Understanding how to manage the extremely variable light source to assure adequate amounts of illumination while avoiding glare and excess solar gains.
  • Integrating the building structure and air-distribution systems of the building to free up volume to accommodate the movement of light into and through the building.
  • Optimizing the controls for the electric lighting system so that the energy benefits of the daylighting can be realized in reduced lighting electricity consumption.

As a Senior Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of the University of California (1978 to 1986):

Analysis and experimentation directed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Co-principle investigator of a research group consisting of architects, physicists, engineers, computer programmers, and lab technicians involved in multidisciplinary research projects focusing on daylighting, electric lighting, and thermal energy processes in buildings.

As a PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill (1966 to 1972):

Solid-state and thermal physics (Advisors Earl Mitchell and Victor Briscoe).

Research Website:

Building Systems Integration


Architectural structures, architectural design studios, systems integration for daylighting applications.

Design Projects

Daylighting consultant on numerous buildings, including: The BodyShop Corporate Headquarters in Wake Forest, Marbles Museum in Raleigh, Cape Fear Middle School in Fayetteville, Montessori Center for South Raleigh, Cleveland Elementary School in Johnson County, Wake County Human Services Building, Johnson County Skills Training Center, Lucy Daniels Inman Building, Shaw University Science and Math Building, Wilson County Community College Administrative Building, Chatham County Community College Library, Chatham County Community College classroom building, and Wildlife Conservation Commission Headquarters and Educational Center on Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University. Structural engineering consultant on numerous building projects, most notably the Wildlife Conservation Commission Headquarters on centennial campus, on which also served as the system integration consultant.


Professional Structural Engineer in North Carolina and California

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Ph.D. in Physics University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Master of Architecture NC State University

Area(s) of Expertise

Architectural structures, passive solar technologies, daylighting