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Victoria Chi

Assistant Professor of Teaching of Graphic & Experience Design


Victoria Chi is a design and fashion consultant. Collaborations include France Cosmetics, Meeting The French, Nan-Ni Chen Dance Company, Estée Lauder, National Institute of Health, University of Calgary, American University of Paris, and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

When working as a senior creative designer at the Corporate Communication department, J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated headquarters on Wall Street, Victoria’s responsibilities covered corporate identity design, concept development, project management, and overseeing junior designers and free-lance artists. She also acted as editorial supervisor for the Chinese version of the corporate capabilities brochure.

Victoria has taught at Parsons Paris School of Art+Design/Paris College of Art in Paris. Her courses included typography, form design, color & design, poster design, and fashion drafting. She also supervised industry-sponsored projects.


Master of Product Design in Visual Design North Carolina State University