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Kathleen Rieder

Associate Professor Emerita of Art +Design


Kathleen Rieder is an Associate Professor and Interim Head of the Department of Art + Design at NC State College of Design. Kathleen has been a faculty member in the Department of Art + Design since 1989. In addition to her teaching, she has actively exhibited her art. She has exhibited at the NC Museum of Art, the Hanes Art Center at UNC Chapel Hill; the Weatherspoon Art Museum at UNC-Greensboro; Meredith College; NC State College of Design; the Louise Wells Cameron Museum in Wilmington; and she is represented by the Mahler Gallery in Raleigh, NC.

She has served as a faculty advisor for NC State University College of Design study abroad programs at the NC State Prague Institute in 2005, Czech Republic, Ghana, West Africa, in 1999, 2007 and 2011. Summer 2014 she traveled to Santiago, Chile to investigate future study abroad programs for her department.

“My primary way of working is a hybrid of media in collage and assemblage.  I create an image, scan & photocopy that image, and combine the copies with paint, photographs, and found objects. I draw inspiration from places, artifacts and motifs, and seek to translate my ideas through my visual vocabulary of light, color, form, space and texture, pattern and composition. The work I create endeavors to evoke resonance with the connections that continually sustain us: family and community.  Making connections, often between disparate objects and ideas, is my process in making art.”

Sampled Works

Use of mixed media collages to preserve and tell history:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.51.36 PM  Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.51.56 PM  Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.50.42 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.50.52 PM  Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.52.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.50.23 PM

Use of collage in an installation to preserve and tell history:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.52.48 PM Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.53.06 PM


Master of Fine Arts University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Bachelor of Fine Arts Columbus College of Art and Design

Area(s) of Expertise

Mixed media, contemporary issues in art and design