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Iyare Oronsaye

Assistant Professor of Media, Arts, Design and Technology


Iyare is an artist, animator, and professor with eight-plus years of experience working as an art director, executive director, and educator in the fields of virtual reality, 3D animation, and game design. Over the years, he has established his ability to identify, leverage, and develop creative talent. His experiences in actively contributing to diverse viewpoints, advocating for collaboration, develop administrative methods, providing mentorship while cultivating a culture of creative excellence improves his artistic and discursive practices.

He is also invested in seeing how artificial intelligence, immersive, and interactive technologies will improve studios’ infrastructure and content development. Currently, the animation industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation in artistic creation and mass-market entertainment. This radical shift from passive consumption of traditional media to interactive immersion will actively disrupt every aspect of legacy media while dissolving traditional categories and contexts. Disruptive technology is nothing new, but when that disruption opens the gates to new possibilities and opportunities, its causality can create a new paradigm in an unprecedented fashion. The current combination of interaction, immersion, and intelligence will exceed most creators’ and consumers’ expectations. How studios adapt to these changes will determine their success.

Not only that but the increased consumer demands for diverse and inclusive content are challenging studios’ artistic processes. Figuring out how to build a creative pipeline with the knowledge for designing for equality is difficult. Not knowing the best method to incorporate both creators’ and consumers’ ontology within an animated film or video game can leave studios struggling to develop content. His intent is to provide support, recommendations, and artistic practices to help those studios and creators read, write, and design media text critically to find opportunities in their own lives, potentially changing these inequalities while growing with immersive and interactive media.

His work has been exhibited and broadcast through the following channels: PBS, Discovery Channel, Telly, Netflix, The Spectrum Theatre, Hirshhorn Museum, SPACE Art Center, Disney, Bradley University, Smithsonian’s National Zoo, UNISYS, Henninger’s Media, Chemical Education Foundation, History Channel, North Wood Advertising, Lifetime Fitness, and the National Children’s Museum.