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Hossein Saedi


Dr. Saedi is an award-winning researcher, seasoned designer, experienced educator, well-connected and resourceful entrepreneur, and visionary leader. He has more than 15 years of design and management experience in architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design. He has managed multimillion-U.S.-dollar design projects and led multidisciplinary teams of designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, real estate agents, lawyers, and business managers. In his design and research projects, he focuses on user experience and satisfaction. He measures and strives to improve individuals’ mental health through utilizing design components that induce subconscious positive psychophysiological responses.

In his doctoral research, he introduced a comprehensive framework for measuring the impact of design on individuals with the goal of improving cognitive functioning and recovery from mental fatigue. This measurement framework is applicable to a variety of design disciplines and contexts. The framework has been successfully applied to the design process of different architectural settings like healthcare facilities, higher education campuses, and residential buildings, and in the post-occupancy evaluations of those facilities. Also, the framework has been utilized by numerous companies, such as healthcare service providers and online marketing platforms in their UX/UI evaluation and to elevate user satisfaction with their products and services.


▸ AdvisorProfessor Arthur Rice


Ph.D. in Design NC State University, 2018-present

Ph.D. in Architecture University of Tehran

Master’s in Landscape Architecture (MLA) NC State University

Master’s in Architecture (M.S. Arch) Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU)

Bachelor’s in Architecture (B.S. Arch) Tehran University of Art

Area(s) of Expertise

▪︎ Healthcare Design
▪︎ Mental Health
▪︎ Attention Restoration
▪︎ Cognitive Performance
▪︎ Stress Reduction
▪︎ Immersive Virtual Environment
▪︎ Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
▪︎ User Experience/ User Satisfaction
▪︎ Emerging technologies
▪︎ Qualitative and participatory methods in design and research