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Gregory Carter

Lecturer Media Arts, Design and Technology


Greg has lived in Raleigh for over 20 years and raised two children, four dogs, and one cat.  During that time, he has been active in the arts field both as a maker and a teacher. To keep up with developing projects you can visit his website:

He has taught the illustration studio (ADN 480) for four years. In this class he took advantage of many under-utilized resources for teachers at NC State to enhance the value of this class.

Guest lectures by William Cross (director of the NC State Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center) on “Copyright and Fair Use Exception”; Special Collections visits hosted Eleanor Brown (head – Special Collections Research Center NCSU Libraries) of book illustration through history; Display at Hunt library of animations on the Immersion Wall; Publication of the final project into a book form and published on “Creation Stories,” “End off an Era,” “In Media Res,” and “After.”

Some projects of special interest that Greg has done:

  • Enchanted Forest” a series of one man shows at Adam Cave Fine Arts in Raleigh. This show has included collaborations with Scott Fray/Madelyn Greco 5 times World Champion body painters, and Raleigh Little Theatre performing excerpts from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the gallery space.
  • 2050AD” an interdisciplinary project by S4C the Welsh Television Network (2050AD was a web application telling a near-future story of the UK told on 3 parallel tracts by writers from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, I worked with producer Emlyn Owen as concept and storyboard artist);
  • 3 in a Box” international art representation based in Toronto (when I did digital illustrations for North American print clients).