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2020 Virtual Housing Studio

ADU over Two Care Garage

Project Information

ADU Type:        Dwelling Over Two Car Garage

ADU Site:         Urban Lot w/o Alley, Durham, NC

Designer:         Jacci Valino, NC State 2020 Summer Housing Studio

This is a two-bedroom Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) design, with the maximum square footage allowed, over a two-car garage on an urban lot without an alley. It has 800 square feet of conditioned space. Special considerations for the design include outdoor living space and a generously-sized galley kitchen. While the program assigned requires a two-car garage, this urban site appears inappropriate for a full driveway to the garage. However, this program may be very appropriate as a workshop, garden shed, or other utility space without need for a driveway.

Relative Cost Evaluation: $$$

Project Images