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Designlife Award

In 2018 we unveiled a new Designlife Award, designed by alumnus Matt McConnell in conjunction with staff at the College of Design’s Materials Lab and an advisory team from the Leader’s Council (Craig McDuffie, Van Nolintha, and Kimberly Wicker).

The Designlife Award recognizes the significant contribution that an individual or group has made in design in the Southeast. The award brings awareness to the importance of design in the community – and the practice of good design as a sign of good citizenship.

Congratulations to Professor of Practice Frank Harmon, FAIA, who was selected as the 2018 Designlife Award recipient for outstanding legacy of design influence!

Frank Harmon is a teacher, architect and citizen. Frank possesses the sophistication of London and New York with the elegance and charm of a true Southern gentleman. His national and regional award-winning designs reflect this same combination, as his architecture incorporates stunning modern design informed by sustainable and vernacular values. In the academic studio, in his professional life, and in his community, Frank has dedicated himself to promoting the importance of thoughtful design, of knitting buildings into their Native Places and inspiring those around him to see the beauty and impact architecture can have in our daily lives.

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Distinguished Alumni AwardDistinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes the significant achievements of a talented and committed group of individuals. Recipients of this award are design professionals representing the disciplines of the College. They are individuals who have made significant contributions to new insights, fostering original ideas and searching for added knowledge.

In the spring of 2000, a medallion was developed to represent the Distinguished Alumni recipient. This medallion is inspired by the early influence of the Bauhaus on design education at NC State University. It is reflective by the continuing emphasis within the College on the capability to craft by hand as parts of the necklace were fabricated in the College of Design Materials Lab. The medallion represents the application of principles and ideas into products, similarly to what the College of Design has held as an important virtue.