Art + Design

Art + Design

Animation + Interactive Media | Fibers + Surface Design

The department of Art + Design provides a truly interdisciplinary major for students who are interested in a more exploratory experience that re-conceptualizes current and future design practices. As “artist-designers,” students in the Art + Design program  learn to be creative practitioners and image-makers who bring form to emotions and ideas through the exploration of medium, composition, and, most importantly, storytelling.

Students and faculty in Art + Design seek opportunities and challenge the status quo through technological possibility, materiality, and look locally, nationally and globally for inspiration, application and impact. At their core, Art + Design students are:

  • Visual Storytellers: Working in creative industries ranging from animation to filmmaking to fashion and publishing, Art + Design students bring a compelling visual form to narratives.
  • Entrepreneurs: Working independently and in collaboration, Art + Design students forge new paths in product development, fashion and home goods and interactive media.
  • Experimenters: Pushing the boundaries both technologically and conceptually, Art + Design students are constantly uncovering new methods, materials, techniques and technologies to enhance their products and ideas.
  • Makers: Art + Design students don’t just propose concepts and prototypes, they make the products and artifacts that they are designing.

The important perspectives and skills developed through Art + Design include critical and creative problem-solving; the ability to translate from idea to image to product; a facility with various technologies to enhance formal composition; and a willingness to take risks both artistically and practically.