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2020 Virtual Housing Studio

Durham EHC Proposal

Project Information

Site:                    Markham Ave, Durham, NC

Designers:          Maria Jaramillo, PK Hensel, Abigail Gillin, Pat Meiburg

This is a proposed neighborhood design in an urban zone (RU-M) off West Markham Street immediately contiguous to existing residential and industrial construction. To the East it is bordered by the Ellerbe Creek and its associated bike path. The total site is heavily restricted by the riparian buffer from Ellerbe Creek and a Duke Power easement for power lines. Six lots are proposed to support residential construction under the small lot option of the new Expanding Housing Choices language of Durham’s Unified Development Ordinance. Each primary residence is designed with a maximum structure size of 1200 square feet and a maximum footprint of 800 square feet.  Two lots support Accessory Dwelling Units. Special consideration for this design is the neighborhood park and garden. It is central to the project, connecting neighbors and fostering community.

Project Images