THE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE at NC State, from its inception, has been a force for globally-informed innovation in design.

We live in a world of profound challenges, pushing the practice of architecture towards fundamental change. Our intent in the School is to lead the search for new ways an architectural education can be a strong, positive force in the creation of healthy and sustainable buildings and communities. Our students and faculty are developing the knowledge and skills to address complex contemporary issues regarding:

  • Stewardship of scarce resources
  • Promotion of livability in cities
  • Mitigation of poverty through provision of humane housing
  • Research and development of ecologically-responsive building materials and integrated building systems
  • Understanding history as a means of creating a better future

Every day in our studios and in our seminars we are pushing the boundaries of design. We seek to know what it means to be an effective, responsible architect in the context of the contemporary world, and we intend for our work to take us there.

CAM Raleigh
In partnership with the College of Design