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Media Arts, Design and Technology

NC State Belltower

May 8, 2019

Six NC State Students Selected for the Miller Fellowship

NC State Entrepreneurship announces the 2019 Miller Fellows, a group of six representing three colleges and five startups. 

Tea Blumer at the Lulu eGames

May 7, 2019

Success by Design

May 2019 graduate Téa Blumer reflects on her time at NC State and how it's equipped her for success as an entrepreneur. 

the Egg

Apr 29, 2019

A Message Regarding the Department of Art + Design

The College of Design has announced that Associate Professor Kathleen Rieder has been named Interim Department Head of the Department of Art + Design 

Employee Awards for Excellence 2019

Apr 25, 2019

2019 Design Employee Excellence Awards

The College of Design proudly honored faculty and staff on April 23, 2019. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you for all that you do to make the NC State College of Design a place of innovation and excellence. 

Darren Woodland with project

Apr 12, 2019

Designing for Social Awareness

Darren Woodland, a graduate student in Art + Design, is pushing interactive innovation to develop an experience that tells the story of the Catawba Indian and their loss of land rights. 

Stephen Waddell_BAD 19

Apr 4, 2019

A Winding Road to Design

Stephen Waddell [BAD '19] has taken a non-traditional path to design from computer science to innovative technologies. He made the best of his time at NC State and shares his successful journey to design. 

Saige Martin_advocacy

Mar 25, 2019

Designing for Activism and Advocacy

Art + Design graduate student Saige Martin is exploring design activism and advocacy to challenge people's perceptions and to push beyond their comfort zones. 

Old Concord Road fencing CAT LYNX

Mar 7, 2019

The Nature of Public Art: Talent, Teamwork, and Time

Professor of Art + Design Chandra Cox spent 10-years designing and creating two light rail stations as part of Charlotte's CATS LYNX Blue Line (completed March 2018). 

Animation from Shelterin Sky

Feb 21, 2019

What Design Can Teach

Associate Professor of Art + Design Marc Russo is an innovative animator and storyteller. Learn about his current collaboration with 3-D animation to accompany a musical piece. 


Nov 16, 2018

Seeing Possibilities

Losing her vision hasn't stopped Alyssa Padmos from creating her art - it has merely given her a new perspective on design. 


Nov 15, 2018

Wrapping Lives in Design

Peg Gignoux [MID ’04] uses her textile designs to teach and inspire students and communities. 

Susan Brandeis

Nov 13, 2018

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art + Design Susan Brandeis

Learn more about Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art + Design Susan Brandeis, who has a legacy at the NC State College of Design of sharing her passion, know-how, talents, and wisdom for all things creative. 

Visual Narrative 1

Nov 9, 2018

Introducing the Visual Narrative Faculty Cluster

NC State's Visual Narrative Cluster is driven to research the methods to tell stories - with technology and innovation - that no one else has. 

Carnige Hall

Aug 22, 2018

A Winning Start to College

Incoming NC State College of Design freshman Victoria Kern is an aspiring artist with several major awards to her credit including the 2018 National Medalist by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. 

Pamela Jennings PhD NC State Design

Jul 16, 2018

Pamela Jennings named new head of the Department of Art + Design

Pamela L Jennings has been named as the new head of the Department of Art + Design at NC State College of Design and begins her role on July 15, 2018. 


Jun 19, 2018

DELTA’s College of Design Alumni Create and Share Experiences

DELTA’s New Media Development team includes several NC State alumni from the College of Design. We caught up with them to learn more about their experiences as students and how their backgrounds in design have impacted their creative work at DELTA. 

zoetrope Project

Apr 18, 2018

An Influential Studio for Non-Design Majors

Associate Professor Pat Fitzgerald works with his ADN-111 students to remove their barriers to being creative as well as apprehensions, and encourages them to be empowered by their designs. 

VR and emerging technologies at NCSU College Design

Mar 23, 2018

Emerging Technologies Explored

Advance design studios intentionally push the boundaries of innovation, technology & research. Professor of Art + Design Patrick FitzGerald has found that this experiential “think and do” learning process delivers the best results for his students. Recently, FitzGerald led ADN 560 with AR, VR and mixed media for fun. 

Winners of Graduate Research Student Poster Symposium 2018 NC State

Mar 22, 2018

The 13th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

NC State Design was represented by thirteen Graduate students at this year's Graduate Student Research Symposium. The event includes more than 200 graduate students from across the University. Each poster submission is judged by a team of faculty and showcases outstanding quality and diversity of graduate research. 

Interdisciplinary Studio faculty leads

Mar 12, 2018

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Creates New Roles for Designers

Designers are known as image makers, but Todd Berreth is showing how designers can use technology & interdisciplinary collaboration to push design boundaries. NC State Visual Narrative Cluster: researchers who experiment with technology & communication to adopt innovative stories. 

Multicultural Design Student Association

Mar 12, 2018

Diversity in Design

The Multicultural Design Student Association (MDSA) works to bring an understanding of different cultures to all, and encourages comradery and listening to someone with a different world view than your own. 

London bridge with student during study abroad

Mar 8, 2018

Endless Opportunities

A quick Q&A with NC State College of Design student, Samantha Bratzke who is living the #Designlife in London for her study abroad experience at the University of the Arts London. 

Professor of Art + Design Chandra Cox

Mar 1, 2018

A Deserving Retreat

Department Head of Art + Design and Alumni Distinguished Professor Chandra Cox has taught at NC State College of Design for over 36 years. A Q&A about how time and technology have influenced design, the development of the Design Studies program, and what her plans for the future are. 


Feb 26, 2018

New Technique Allows Printing of Flexible, Stretchable Silver Nanowire Circuits

Researchers at NC State have developed a new technique that allows them to print nanowire circuits on flexible, stretchable substrates. 

student collaboration

Feb 13, 2018

Design Students Make Science Accessible

A collaboration between the College of Design and the College of Sciences is part of a multidisciplinary initiative aimed at interpreting complex scientific ideas with design, known as The Leading Strand. 

IBM presentations

Dec 20, 2017

Design for Good

Design It Forward, taking design thinking to make social change. A unique course by College of Design, IBM, Institute for Nonprofits and deserving clients. 

Anni Albers grad +Susan Brandeis

Dec 18, 2017

Fall 2017 Commencement Address

Fall 2017 Commencement Address by Alumni Distinguished Professor of Art + Design, Emerita Susan Brandeis. Read her Inspiring words of wisdom. 

Laura Wyker_800x450

Dec 10, 2017

A Journey to Design

Laura Wyker is in the midst of a process of reinvention, stepping beyond a career in teaching high school science to explore her talents as a designer. 

justice dunne

Dec 4, 2017

A Winning Experience

What started as an interesting opportunity turned into a great learning experience for Justice Dunne, a junior in Art + Design, by participating in the Triangle VR Hackathon. Challenge participants form groups and work together to create a video game from scratch in just 48 hours. 

Kathleen Reider_800x450

Nov 27, 2017

Design Inspiration | Kathleen Rieder

Associate Professor of Art + Design Kathleen Rieder bolsters her students’ critical thinking & intellectual curiosity. She inspires interesting questions. 

Sharon Marcussen_800x450

Oct 4, 2017

A Designer’s Journey

Sharon Marcussen, an alumna with both an undergrad and a graduate degree in Art + Design shares her design journey with design students. 


Sep 14, 2017

The World of VR as Their Oyster

Learn about NC’s keystone species with Oysters: A Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, an app designed by students in Art + Design at NCSU College of Design. 

Jeanna Young_800x400

Aug 31, 2017

Exploration of Textile Design

Jeanna Young [BA ’15] is an aspiring textile designer pursuing a second degree in Art + Design with a focus on fibers and fashion. She has traveled to the Netherlands to further explore her interests in textile design, which was made possible through the NC State Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). OUR administers a variety of… 

Carly Owens-Art + Design_800x450

Aug 24, 2017

Finding Her Stitch

Art+Design senior Carly Owens’ first exposure to embroidery was during the Summer in London study abroad program, which started her down the road to new experiences. 

Australian Safari App_800x450

Jul 28, 2017

A Collaborative Journey: Developing The Australian Safari App

A collaboration between College of Science and College of Design to produce the Australian Safai app, an AR scavenger hunt through the imagination corridor. 


May 30, 2017

Pieces, Parts, and Passion = Success

Art+Design Alumna Brook Heuts has worked intentionally to minimize her ecological footprint in launching Grey Goods Studio, which for her is a labor of love and an integral part of her life. 

Emil_Paper Town

May 30, 2017

Appearing at 2017 SIGGRAPH

NC State Design will take a virtual reality immersion project to display at SIGGRAPH 2017. This is the second time that the College has been invited to present work at the renowned conference. 


May 11, 2017

Art2Wear Turns Sweet Sixteen

Art2Wear returns to NC State to celebrate its sixteenth year of innovative and creative fashion designed by students from inception to the runway display. 

Lulu header_800x450

May 9, 2017

Lulu eGames winfall for Ataristicians

The Lulu eGames start-up competition hosted three finalists from NC State Design this year including Atariasticians, a game-based program based on several modules that encourage students to learn more about statistics. 

the Egg

May 3, 2017

Design Faculty Members Receive Promotion or Tenure

Congratulations to seven of our NC State Design faculty who have advanced their careers through tenure and/or promotion, marking an important milestone in their academic careers! 

FLUX_PART 1_800x450

Mar 21, 2017

Life in FLUX: Mental Health

Blogger Savannah Soule reminds readers that being in tune with their mental health and surroundings is especially important in the design fields. 

An Experience Worth Supporting

Mar 10, 2017

An Experience Worth Supporting

Art2Wear is celebrating its 16th year as a student-organized runway show that presents fashion, costume, and wearable sculpture created by students of NC State Design. 

Sydney sewing header

Nov 30, 2016

Making a Difference through Design

Art + Design at the College of Design delivers the opportunity for students to explore fashion and fibers, multimedia, and the craft of being a Maker. 


Oct 31, 2016

Alternate Routes: Art + Design Senior Show 2016

Show your support of our Art + Design seniors! Their senior show entitled "Alternate Routes" will be on exhibition at the African American Cultural Center in December. 


Aug 24, 2016

The Fate of the Cards

A collection of College of Design students and alumni have banded together to create a unique card game and are betting their odds on a Kickstarter campaign to help them launch. 

Greg Lindquist

Aug 17, 2016

“A Diversity of Voices”: Greg Lindquist’s Environmental Painting Installations

Greg Lindquist [BAD, LAN '03] recently unveiled a new art installation at the North Carolina Museum of Art where his use of vivid paint colors are his create medium to interpret the coal ash pollution on the Dan River near Eden, NC, and Danville, VA. 

Crewel work

Aug 12, 2016

The Royal School of Needlework- Week One

As part of the Study Abroad in London, participating students had an opportunity to take classes at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN). RSN is referenced as the International Centre of Excellence for the Art of Hand Embroidery. In the first-week of classes, students learned several basic techniques of crewelwork. The following is a blog… 

RHS Garden Show B0B

Aug 12, 2016

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Angela Perez, a senior in Art + Design, reflects on her experience at the Hampton Court Palace Flower show during the Summer in London study abroad program. 


Aug 8, 2016

Goldwork – Week Two

Study Abroad in London: Week two of Goldwork by Giovanna Veltre.  Our second week of Goldwork, we learned how to pad with soft cotton. We also learned a technique called cut-work. Padding with the soft cotton versus felt allowed us to manipulate the cotton threads into the exact shape we needed to stitch over. After… 

Discovering Goldword

Aug 8, 2016

Discovering Goldwork – Week One

This is a blog by Katelynn McCorquodale and what she discovered by end of the first week of goldwork lessons. McCorquodale had the opportunity to participate in the Study Abroad in London, that included tours, classes, and learning the history and influence of fashion, embroidery, and clothing from the UK. After the first two weeks of…