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Pegah Mathur

Ph.D. Candidate


Pegah is a PhD candidate at NCSU studying health metrics and human factors in built environment. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on the analysis of human-centric environmental factors, including daylighting, that impact human health and play a crucial role in health metrics including alertness and sleep quality, as well as alleviating some symptoms of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s in aging population.

She is investigating the design and analysis of innovative daylighting systems as integrative prototypes that address the problem of dehumanized dense urban environments. She also collaborates with medical researchers in designing evaluating tools for health in the built environment. In her research, she combines computational design, sustainable technology, and building science with medical outcomes to design a human-centered responsive environment, paving the way towards both preventive and therapeutic solutions in health, sustainability, and well-being.

During her PhD, she applied various research methods for daylighting design and assessment, including unconventional computational simulations, statistical modeling, and physical experiments. While developing innovative simulation methods for incorporating building design and biological models, experimental research is an integral part of her work in daylighting design.


Advisor: Dr. Wayne Place



Ph.D. in Design NC State University

Post-Professional Master of Science in Environmental Building Design University of Pennsylvania

M.Arch. Master of Architecture University of Sheffield

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering IKIU Iran

Area(s) of Expertise

▪︎ Human-centered design
▪︎ Experimental design in lighting interventions
▪︎ Building performance analysis
▪︎ Statistical modeling using AI and machine Learning in health and design
▪︎ Data-driven design
▪︎ User eperience research