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Daniel Jost

Research Assistant, Natural Learning Initiative


Daniel (Dan) Jost, MLA, ASLA, is a Research Assistant at NLI and a PhD student at North Carolina State University, where he works on the regulatory domain related to the design of outdoor play and learning areas. His dissertation is focused on the influence of public park design on child-caregiver interaction. Dan holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and the University of Washington. Before NC state and NLI, Dan was a full-time writer/editor at Landscape Architecture Magazine, where he documented landscapes around the country. As a landscape designer, he collaborated on the planning and design of greenways, open spaces, and a bird viewing preserve.

Dan grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York, where the snow supported hours of sculpting and snowball fights. During the summer, he spent many weekends on the farm of a family friend, making forts out of hay bales, swimming in a spring-fed pond, and creating “towns” in the forest, using acorns and leaves scrounged from the forest floor as “currency”.