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Liz McCormick

Graduate Student


Liz’s research strives to enhance architectural innovation and construction technologies in tropical regions. She is an architect, educator and researcher whose work explores climatically sensitive and contextually appropriate building enclosure designs that both connect the occupant to the outdoors and reduce the dependence on mechanical conditioning.

Liz is a licensed architect, LEED AP and Certified Passive House Consultant. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture and Building Technology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. There she is also a part of the Integrated Design Research Lab.

She completed her Master of Science in Building Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received a Bachelor of Fine Art and Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of design.

Research interest: Integrated as dynamic systems, buildings could better react to fluctuating environmental conditions, such that the façade becomes a greater part of the built ecology. Liz’s research looks to the physiological adaptations of tropical plants to inspire simple, low-cost and thermally autonomous enclosure systems in hot-humid climates, translating biological principles into architectural strategies.