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GD studio lowering barriers to access story

Dec 22, 2018

Lowering Barriers to Access with Machine Learning

How can we use computation to augment our mental abilities? This was Vannevar Bush’s query in 1945 when he wrote: “As We May Think.” He, along with a team of researchers  at the Stanford Research Institute, went on in 1964 to create the computer mouse, hypertext, windows, word processing, video conferencing, and a collaborative real-time editor—as revealed in “The Mother of all Demos.”

Professor Tom Barrie AIA

Dec 18, 2018

Philanthropic Professor Supports the College

Professor of Architecture Tom Barrie has a passion for making a difference for his students and to support causes that matter. Barrie and his wife, Lisa, are philanthropic and generous in their support of NC State Design.

Chris Williams_800x450

Dec 17, 2018

A Winning Start

Chris Williams [BID ’17] recently won a footwear design apprenticeship with Adidas by competing and being one of the winners in the international Adidas Design Academy competition.

Gowanus Canal looking into NYC_800x450

Dec 6, 2018

Inspiring Hope: Design Students Reimagine Heavily Polluted Superfund Site

Virginia Fall, MLA candidate, shares the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and how a City Design studio provided the opportunity to reimagine sustainable solutions for the Gowanus Canal Superfund site.

Payam Tabrizian_800x450

Dec 6, 2018

Everyone is a Designer: Tangible Landscape Democratizes Design

Payam Tabrizian, PhD is using research and technology in the Geovisualization Lab to provide an open-source platform of research and data to change the way people experience and develop spaces and landscapes.

Distinguished Alumna NC State Design Katherine Kincaid

Dec 5, 2018

Kathleen Kincaid Honored with Distinguished Alumni Award

Kathleen Kincaid [MPD '92] was honored as the NC State Design Distinguished Alumnus for 2018 and was among an elite group of alumni across NC State University at the annual Evening of the Stars gala.

Dustin Sicard with Gizmo

Dec 5, 2018

From Air Force to Architecture: Veteran Sees Opportunities in Design

Dustin Sicard, who is an Airforce Veteran and graduate architecture student shares his design journey, from his experience in Iraq to his plan to influence the spaces and places people occupy in a positive, healthy way.

Gene and Karen Bressler

Dec 3, 2018

Gene Bressler’s Life of Curiosity and Circumstance

Professor Gene Bressler, FAIA has followed a path of curiosity and interest that has resulted in successful leadership roles in landscape architecture, which includes his knack and passion for influencing others.

Sam and Cameron Arc2Wear

Dec 3, 2018

Breaking the Mold: Architecture Students Bring Building Materials to the Runway

Showcasing a collection of angular, geometric wearables made from rigid building materials such as cement, poster board, and Plexiglas, the architecture student design team of Cameron Elliott [BEDA ’18] and…

Design Campers_800x450

Nov 30, 2018

Design Camp and TRIO Team up to Offer New Opportunities

NC State Design Lab partnered with TRIO to provide two high school students the opportunity to attend Design Camp and get exposure to the value of design and the types of career paths that are right for them.

Impacting Ed2

Nov 16, 2018

Impacting Education with Design Thinking

Lesley Ann Noel (PhD '18) wants to leverage her design research to transform the way elementary schools educate their students.


Nov 16, 2018

Seeing Possibilities

Losing her vision hasn't stopped Alyssa Padmos from creating her art - it has merely given her a new perspective on design.

Emily McCoy

Nov 15, 2018

Setting their SITES High: The Value of Landscape Architecture Interventions

Alumna Emily McCoy [MLA '08] researches the best practices for sustainable landscapes that are designed with nature in mind.


Nov 15, 2018

The LEED Lab: Engaging Students in Sustainable Building Decisions

The LEED lab, led by Dr. Traci Rose Rider and Elizabeth Bowen, is an interdisciplinary course that promotes sustainability in every stage of a building's lifecycle.


Nov 15, 2018

Wrapping Lives in Design

Peg Gignoux [MID ’04] uses her textile designs to teach and inspire students and communities.


Nov 14, 2018

Professor of Graphic Design Denise Gonzales Crisp

Learn more about Professor of Graphic Design Denise Gonzales Crisp's path through her design career and what led her to teach at the NC State College of Design.

Susan Brandeis

Nov 13, 2018

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art + Design Susan Brandeis

Learn more about Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art + Design Susan Brandeis, who has a legacy at the NC State College of Design of sharing her passion, know-how, talents, and wisdom for all things creative.

Mary Hauser

Nov 12, 2018

Influenced by Design

Industrial Design alumna Mary Hauser is the Associate Director & Registrar at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design. Her education at the NC State College of Design influenced her career path.

Visual Narrative 1

Nov 9, 2018

Introducing the Visual Narrative Faculty Cluster

NC State's Visual Narrative Cluster is driven to research the methods to tell stories - with technology and innovation - that no one else has.

Mike Ortosky_800x450

Nov 9, 2018

Designing a Sustainable Food System

Mike Ortosky is pursuing his Doctor of Design degree at NC State Design with the intention of reimagining a sustainable food system to benefit the health of the environment, economy, and North Carolina communities and beyond.

Racheal Haas

Nov 5, 2018

‘Design Family’ Helps Student in Need

Rachael Haas, graduate architecture students shared the value of the family-like atmosphere at NC State College of Design. The importance of feeling connected provided Haas with the financial support she needed.

user research of product development

Nov 2, 2018

Designing for Others

A graduate industrial design studio collaborates with partners including hospital staff, specialists, and patients to reimagine side-car bassinets for healthier beginings with mother and child.

Bryan Lafittee

Oct 31, 2018

Associate Professor of Industrial Design Bryan Laffitte

Professor of Industrial Design Bryan Laffitte has mentored and inspired countless students. Learn about his journey to design.

Alexandra and Sherry Grossi

Oct 31, 2018

Assistive Technology: Designing for Users’ Needs

Alexandra Grossi [MGD '17], who is profoundly deaf and relies on a cochlear implant for communication, used assistive technology and research to develop a thoughtful and user-centric masters thesis.

Rebecca Robledo_800x450

Oct 30, 2018

Targeting a Dream Job

Rebecca Pezdek [BID '04] shares her designlife journey and ultimate dream job she has with Target as a lead industrial designer.

The making of the DDes program

Oct 29, 2018

Launching the Doctor of Design Program: A Collaborative Journey

NC State College of Design launched the only online Doctor of Design program in the country. This flexibility is intended to converge technology, innovation, and academic rigor to create an effective program with a focus design investigation. Learn about the making of this program.


Oct 26, 2018

Design Amidst Chaos

NC State Coastal Dynamics Design Lab is a trans-disciplinary research initiative that seeks to better understand, design for, and celebrate a positive change in coastal communities across the Mid-Atlantic.

Top team NCMCA Award

Oct 22, 2018

Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Award 2018

The Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Award sponsored by North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association is an annual design competition for architecture students to explore masonry construction as part of ARC 432 Architectural Construction Systems course.

top view of the award

Oct 18, 2018

Out of the Box Thinking

The Outside of the Box Award was created to celebrate administrators at NC State Design who challenge boundaries for success. Peter Krarup Kjær is the first recipient.

Migeul Castellanos_800x450

Oct 16, 2018

Eduardo Catalano Scholarship Helps Latin American Student

Miguel Castellanos considers North Carolina his home since he moved here from Honduras with a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program. Pursuing his graduate degree in Architecture at NC State Design, he received the Eduardo Catalano Architecture Scholarship to support him at a pivotal time.

Turan Duda with Design students

Oct 8, 2018

Design Treks and Industry Night Return for a Second Year

NC State College of Design students recently had the opportunity to visit some alumni in their practices and hear their success stories.

AJ Polanco_800x450

Oct 8, 2018

New DDes Program Caters to Student-Practitioners

This semester, the NC State College of Design launched the nation’s first blended learning Doctor of Design (DDes) program, combining the flexibility of an online learning environment with the traditional benefits…

Maggie Snokes at Burts Bees

Sep 16, 2018

An Internship with Burt’s Bees

Maggie Snoke, a senior in Industrial Design, started interning with Burt’s Bees in Durham, North Carolina, this summer. A Q & A with Snokes on some insight into her experiences as a Research & Design Intern with the beauty and skincare company.

NC State Design at Venice Biennale exhibition photo

Aug 29, 2018

Architecture Studio Honored with Award during 2018 Venice Biennale

An advanced studio from NC State College of Design School of Architecture has been honored with The Architecture University Project Award 2018 for their exhibition during the 2018 Venice Biennale.

Kayla Watson in NYC

Aug 27, 2018

A Summer Internship for Success

NC State Design student, Kayla Watson, spent the summer in NYC participating in an internship that has solidified her career path in graphic design.

Carnige Hall

Aug 22, 2018

A Winning Start to College

Incoming NC State College of Design freshman Victoria Kern is an aspiring artist with several major awards to her credit including the 2018 National Medalist by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

BBQ graphic snip it

Aug 20, 2018

Alumnus Gives Back with Design

Alumnus Ryan Williams [BGD '18] is giving back to NC State College of Design in a unique and inspiring way. He is using his design talents to create new graphics and design systems for the Back-to-School BBQ.

Meg Calkins-featured

Aug 1, 2018

Meg Calkins named Department Head of Landscape Architecture

Meg Calkins, FASLA has been appointed the department head of Landscape Architecture at NC State University College of Design [August 1, 2018].

Sheyda Livingston architecture graduate student working in Biennale studio

Jul 16, 2018

A New Perspective on Airport Design

A Q & A with architecture student Sheyda Livingston who shares her experience and excitement for taking Airport Design studio and exhibiting her work at the 2018 Venice Biennale.

Pamela Jennings PhD NC State Design

Jul 16, 2018

Pamela Jennings named new head of the Department of Art + Design

Pamela L Jennings has been named as the new head of the Department of Art + Design at NC State College of Design and begins her role on July 15, 2018.

Kofi Boone ASLA NCDesign

Jul 13, 2018

The Lower Ninth Ward: Not Just Another Plan

Kofi Boone, ASLA is a designer, an advocate, and a community builder now leading an AIA R/UDAT team partnering with Lower Ninth Ward in LA to rebuild their community after Hurricane Katrina.

ClayVon Lowe NCSU Design alumnus

Jul 3, 2018

You Get Out What You Put In

NC State Design alumnus ClayVon Lowe shares his passion and path to becoming an industrial designer and the value of a positive attitude.

SHARON Joines 800×450

Jul 1, 2018

Sharon Joines named Associate Dean of the College of Design

Sharon Joines, PhD has been named as the Associate Dean of the NC State College of Design, announced by Dean Mark Hoversten.

DesignWeek_NCSU College of Design

Jun 18, 2018

Designing for Resilient Communities

When Hurricane Matthew impacted NC, the College of Design went into action to assist in developing design solutions to improve disaster recovery. DesignWeek 2017 comprised of students + faculty from Landscape Architecture and Architecture.

Emily Wise at Hasbro Headquarters

Jun 4, 2018

A Designer’s Experience: Q&A with Emily Wise

Though she only graduated a year ago, Emily Wise's [BID '17] professional career is already taking shape! We recently reached out to get some of Wise's reflections on her recent experiences and her time at the College of Design.

Parisa Javani_Airports of the Future

May 21, 2018

The Airport of the Future

A Q&A with graduate architecture student Parisa Javani who, along with 10 other architecture students from NC State College of Design, will be heading to Venice to exhibit work at the 2018 Venice Biennale. They will be exhibiting at Palazzo Bembo through Nov. 2018 along with Fentress Architects.

Cameron Westbrook-MArch graduate

May 12, 2018

Flexibility is Key to Successful Collaboration

Design students were invited to exhibit at the 2018 Venice Biennale at Palazzo Bembo in Italy. Students participated in Professor Wayne Place's Airport Design studio, in collaboration with Fentress Architects and Curtis Fentress. Cameron Westbrook shares his experience working towards the Biennale.

DesignIntelligence Surveys_2018

May 10, 2018

DesignIntelligence Survey: Architecture + Landscape Architecture Programs

It's that time again when DesignIntelligence seeks feedback from professionals across the country to rate the Best Architecture + Landscape Architecture programs.

Christian Fuda, student designer in Art2Wear 2018

May 1, 2018

Designing with Perspective

Industrial Design senior Christian Fuda runs his own shoe business, designed for the 2017 Art2Wear, and is also a Park Scholar at NC State. His drive, creativity, and design-focused thinking have played a significant role in his success.

Arpitha Belur_800x450

May 1, 2018

Thinking Big with Large-Scale Design

NC State University College of Design has been invited to exhibit student work at the 2018 Venice Biennale at Palazzo Bembo in Italy from May to November.