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first year studio student

Prospective Students

Undergraduate Application Process

Take your passion for design and turn it into a lifelong career. Majoring in design provides the tools, knowledge, and curiosity necessary to transform your ability to solve complex global problems that enhance the world and improves lives.

Click the links below to see application requirements, timelines, and portfolio guidelines.

Graduate Application Process

For students who want to earn a first professional degree in a design discipline and students with undergraduate design degrees who want to take their education and professional development to the next level, the College of Design offers a Masters Degree in Architecture.

Click the links below to see application requirements, timelines, and portfolio guidelines.

Paying for Your Degree

NCSU School of Architecture Estimated Cost of Attendance

North Carolina State University provides an Estimated Cost of Attendance breakdown at this link:

The link above provides a useful general overview. In addition to the costs listed on the university’s link, the School of Architecture estimated costs are listed below: 

  • One-time laptop computer and peripherals purchase: $2400
  • Annual software subscriptions: $550
  • Studio/class supplies and printing: $1200/yr. This varies widely by studio/class.
  • Field trips: $20/yr. Most field trips associated with our courses are local visits to project sites and do not require spending money, except for transportation to and from the sites.
  • B.Arch. and M.Arch. students have a supplemental tuition of $700/semester. 

Note 1: Textbook costs may be lower than the amount listed on the NCSU link above. Studios require material purchases, but they generally do not require textbook purchases. 

Note 2: The Materials Lab is equipped with a wide range of tools, laser cutters, and other shop machinery that students are free to use (after completing safety training). Students are responsible for material purchases. 

Note 3: The college IT Lab and satellite computer clusters in studio spaces are equipped with desktop computers that students can use. These computers are loaded with most of the necessary design software packages. Students are free to use these computers.