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Undergraduate Studios

ARC 201 Architectural Design: Environment

Students in ARC 201 investigate the relationships between the environment and built form. Environment, from the global scale of climate to the local scale of physical context, and user needs are presented as the principal emphases of the ARC 201 studio. These issues represent both external and internal factors that shape a building and make its presence relevant to its context. The constructed physical context and natural attributes such as solar orientation, topography, and vegetation are interpreted as critical determinants of the building design process.

ARC 202 Architectural Design: Form

Projects in ARC 202 focus on the relationship between idea and form, supported by theories of architectural ordering principles, spatial arrangements, and form. Students investigate composition and precedent in an analogous manner to develop a repertoire of conceptual form generators.

ARC 301 Architectural Design: Tectonics

This studio offers an introduction to the fundamentals of building systems in architectural design. Projects emphasize tectonics, material assemblies, and strategies that incorporate building technologies into the design process.

ARC 302 Architectural Design: Technology

Students in this studio investigate technical systems as fundamental elements of building design with an emphasis on lateral load resisting structural strategies, environmental control systems, energy use, and enclosure systems assembly and detailing.

ARC 401 + 402 Architectural Design: Advanced

Projects in this studio vary in type and scale and are employed to investigate a range of educational, theoretical, and professional issues. The studio emphasizes independent research and exploration of complex design issues.

ARC 490 Architecture International Studio/Advanced Architectural Design

This studio takes place as part of the NC State European Center in Prague.

The program of the studio is developed to introduce students into an architecture discipline from the point of view of a foreigner/professional who needs to orient himself/herself in an unfamiliar context. Students will acquire a set of skills introducing architecture discipline in a comprehensive curriculum through various implementations of architecture – demolition, reconstruction, construction, and intervention. Each of these segments of architecture offers students another perspective on the discipline.

ARC 501 Professional Architecture Studio I (B.Arch.)

ARC 501 is a comprehensive and integrative architectural design studio for 5th Year (B.Arch.) students. Students are challenged to demonstrate the ability to effectively address the full range of constraints, condi­tions, and issues typically encountered in an architectural design project.

ARC 502 Professional Architecture Studio II (B.Arch.)

ARC 502 students develop a sophisticated understanding of major issues confronting the contemporary architect. Students develop design strategies and expand their problem-solving abilities in architecture through individualized final projects.