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Graduate Studios

ARC 403 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Environment (Track 3)

Graduate students in ARC 203 investigate the relationships between the environment and built form. Environment, from the global scale of climate to the local scale of physical context, and user needs are presented as the principal emphases of the ARC 403 studio. These issues represent both external and internal factors that shape a building and make its presence relevant to its context. The constructed physical context and natural attributes such as solar orientation, topography, and vegetation are interpreted as critical determinants of the building design process.

ARC 404 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Form (Track 3)

Projects in this studio focus on the relationship between idea and form, supported by theories of architectural ordering principles, spatial arrangements, and form. Graduate students in ARC 404 investigate composition and precedent in an analogous manner to develop a repertoire of conceptual form generators.

ARC 405 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Technology (Track 3)

Students in this Track 3 graduate studio investigate technical systems of building such as structure, environmental control/energy systems, materials, enclosure, and circulation. Projects emphasize the capacity of fabrication processes and assemblies to affect form and tectonic expression.

ARC 500 Architectural Design: Professional Studio

ARC 500 is a comprehensive and integrative architectural design studio for graduate students. Students are challenged to demonstrate the ability to effectively address the full range of constraints, condiĀ­tions, and issues typically encountered in an architectural design project.

ARC 503 Advanced Architectural Design (M.Arch.)

ARC 503 studio offers advanced studies in architectural design. Projects address a wide range of issues in building design, city design, energy and technology, public interest design, history and theory, and design/build.