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Students and Alumni

Demographics for 2022-2023

75 MLA Students
16% International Students / 84% Domestic Students
73% Female / 27% Male
29% from Outside of NC / 72% from NC

William Stanton (MLA ’22) interviews department alum Breeze Outlaw of Sasaki for the College of Design’s Design Identities

Student Awards

2023 Student Awards:

  • The Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar Program
    •  Nominee: Marybeth Campeau
  • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Student Honor + Excellence Awards:
    • Student Honor Awards:
      •  Marybeth Campeau – Student Analysis and Planning Category
      • Britt Davis – Student Research Category
    • Student Excellence Awards:
      • Makayla Esposito (MLA), Lauren Joca (MLA), Hassan Shata (M.Arch.), Davis Turner (BEDA), and Brian Vaughn (MLA) – Student Collaboration Category
      • Spencer Stone (MLA), Madison Sweitzer [MLA ’22], William Stanton [MLA ’22], Rebecca Asser [MLA ’22], Sarah Hassan [MLA ’21], Martha Tack [MLA ’21], Anna Edwards, Tianyu Shen [MLA ’21], Ruixin Mao [MLA ’21], Sara Fetty – Student Community Service Category

2022 Student Awards:

2021 Student Awards:

  • The Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar Program
    •  Nominee: Eliza Lawdley
  • North Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (NCASLA) Student Honor + Merit Award Nominees:
  • USGS Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center Global Change Fellow
    • Stephanie Kelly

2020 Student Awards:

2019 Student Awards:

2018 Student Awards:

  • NCASLA Student Awards:
    • Award of Excellence: Analysis and Planning
    • Honor Award: Analysis and Planning
      • AGRITECH/TURE (Adeline Lerner, MLA; Simon Gregg, MS; Andrew Harrell, MLA; Sarah Johnson, MLA; James Popin, MArch)
    • Merit Award: Analysis and Planning

2017 Student Awards

  • NCASLA Student Awards
    • Honor Award: Analysis and Planning
    • Merit Award: Analysis and Planning
      • Food/Land/Culture (Lindsey Naylor, MLA)
      • Living with Floods: 2050 (Adam Walters, MLA; Johnney Ring, MLA; Kaley Huston, MLA; Ruoquinge Ke, MLA; Caroline Cox, BARCH; Kurtis Durrant, MCRP)

2016 Student Awards

  • NCASLA Student Awards
    • Honor Award in the Student Community Service:
    • Merit Award: General Design
      • Harbor Park (Mahta Nazari Khoorasgani, MArch)
      • Owen’s Refuge (NC State Landscape Architecture Design+Build Studio)
    • Merit Award: Analysis and Planning
      • Reimagining the Cedar Street Corridor (Shujing Guo, MLA)
    • Merit Award: Communications
      • Beaufort Natural Systems Analysis (Shujing Guo, MLA, Hao Lin, MLA, Xinbo Du, MLA, Francisco Martin, MLA)
    • Special Recognition: General Design (Graphic
      • Lennoxberry Town Center (Xinbo Du, MLA)
    • Special Recognition: Analysis and Planning (Documentation)
      • 16 Weeks in 6 Minutes: A short film capturing the student-led production of Owen’s Refuge (Grant Hayden, BLA and Griffin Foster, BLA)

2015 Student Awards

  • National ASLA 2015 Honor Award:
    • Ghana International Design Studio: Playtime in Africa (Accra, Ghana | Jared Kaelin, Assoc. ASLA; Briana Outlaw, Student ASLA; Manpreet Kaur, Student ASLA; Rachel Wilson, Assoc. ASLA; Todgi Dozier, Student ASLA; James Mitch Caldwell, Student ASLA) Faculty Advisor: Kofi Boone, ASLA
  • NCASLA Student Awards
    • General Design Merit Award:
      • Watertower Park (Keri Welsh, MArch)
  • The Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance in the Public Service Category
    • Beginning and Beyond Child Development Center
    • Beginning and Beyond Child Development Center (NC State Landscape Architecture’s Plant Design and Construction and Materials courses in conjunction with the Natural Learning Initiative) Instructors Carla Delcambre, Landscape Architecture and Julie Sherk, Horticultural Sciences


Urey (Qixuan) Zhuang is a Landscape Architect Intern at Design Workshop in Raleigh, NC. As a recent graduate, Urey Zhuang always values diligence, efficiency, and systematic thinking and believes the design is more than creating an object. It is an adventure that uses creativity as a tool to cover unmet needs and to understand why things are the way they are. During her internship in Design Workshop, Urey Zhuang has been involved in multiple phases of the design process including public community engagement, marketing project support, graphic visualizations, soundscape visualization, schematic design, and demographic analysis. Urey Zhuang has been working on projects such as the Comprehensive Plan and Green Print Plan in Beaufort County, SC, Park design in Lexington, KY, and Conservation Plan in Kellam-Wyatt Farm, NC.

  • Program Reflection
    • My time in the NC State MLA program is one of the most invaluable experiences in my life. As an international student, the MLA program not only provided me a solid foundation on all necessary skills but also strengthened my communication and leadership skills by working as a teaching assistant and my experience in SASLA. I also learned that putting forward a design strategy is a process that goes back and forth. Acting as a facilitator among clients, communities, and developers have proven to be an invaluable skill in my professional practice. 
  • Awards + Honors
    • North Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (NCASLA) Student Merit Awards 2020
    • NC State Olmsted Scholar Nominee Landscape Architecture Foundation, 2020
    • Graduate School Fellowship Award and Graduate Student Support Plan 2019-2020
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 2020
    • Master of Art in Design Art | Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT), Hangzhou, China, 2018
    • Bachelor of Art in Environment Design | Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT), Hangzhou, China, 2017

Anna Grace FitzGerald is a Landscape Designer at OLIN in Philadelphia, PA. As a recent graduate, Anna Grace has been focusing her efforts on learning as much as possible. Anna Grace is keenly interested in exploring the ways in which landscape architecture can be used as a catalyst for social change and resilience. Since leaving school, Anna Grace has been working on a number of projects ranging from large waterfront developments to small university courtyards. Anna Grace is involved in OLIN Labs and looks forward to continuing to work with this group of practitioners who engage with their local communities and seek to advance the field of Landscape Architecture through engagement, technology, and research.

  • Program Reflection
    • My memories of studio at NCSU are some of my fondest to-date. The lessons I learned from such an incredible body of professors, cohort-mates, and practitioners are still held near and dear to my heart. I entered the department not knowing the first thing about Landscape Architecture and left with a solid understanding of both the technical skills and the design acumin needed to succeed in the professional world. My time as a student, and as a Teaching Assitant, in the Desing Build studio was invaluable to my learning at NC State. Being able to graduate having had experience on a construction site gave me the knowledge and confidence coming out of school to be able to handle the design problems I have faced during the early days of my career. I could not be more grateful for the time that I spent in this department and I know that I will bring my lessons learned with me throughout the rest of my career in this field.
  • Awards + Honors
    • 2019 LAF Olmsted Scholar
    • NCASLA 2018 Student Merit Award: The Gold Standard
    • South East Regional ASLA  2017 Student Honor Award: Staying Above the Blackwater
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | North Carolina State University, 2019
    • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2014

Andrew Furtado is an Associate Landscape Architect at The Hanover Company in Houston, Texas.  Andrew moved to Houston after receiving his MLA at NC State to start his career with McDugald Steele, a prominent design-build firm.  During his time there, Andrew concentrated on developing his project management skills while working on highly detailed, creative landscape designs for high-end properties in the Houston area. 

In 2015, Andrew transitioned to The Hanover Company, a large-scale private real estate development company that specializes in developing luxury high-rise and mid-rise multi-family properties.  As an Associate Landscape Architect for the Hanover Company, Andrew works on projects in multiple states, including Texas, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and many others. Currently Andrew is pursuing professional licensure as a landscape architect, which he expects to complete in 2016.  In his off time, Andrew enjoys staying active, traveling, and spending time with family, friends, and his rescued dog, Fenway!

  • Program Reflection
    • I learned and worked beside many intellectual and professional people during my time at NC State.  There are many memorable experiences that I take away from the program.  One of which was working with Andrew Fox in the Design+Build Studio (Artists’ Backyard: Phase III). I was fortunate to have taken a course led by Chunk Flink, which turned out to be one of my favorite courses during my time in the program.  I also thoroughly enjoyed studios led by both Kofi Boone and Fernando Magallanes.  Lastly, being a teaching assistant for first-year design studio students was also an amazing and unforgettable experience. I place a high value on my time at NC State, for the Landscape Architecture program, and for the faculty members and students that made it all happen. GO PACK!
  • Awards + Honors
    • Student Honor Award in Analysis & Planning: Wood Residence Hall + Wood Wellness Village Design Guidelines | NCASLA, 2015
    • Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance: Artists’ Backyard (Phase III) | City of Raleigh, 2014
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2014
    • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture | University of Rhode Island, 2010
Lorna Allen

Lorna Allen is a landscape architect at ColeJenest & Stone, P.A. in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Lorna is a native of NC and received her BS Horticulture and MLA from NCSU. Throughout college, Lorna was active in Pi Alpha Xi, Horticulture Club, PLANET, SASLA, completed internships with LandArt Company and 3North, traveled domestically and abroad, and engaged in student teaching for the Horticulture Department, Landscape Architecture Department and for the College of Design’s Design Camp.

After graduation, Lorna moved to Chicago and joined the non-profit Chicago Gateway Green and later, SmithGroupJJR. Returning to NC in 2014, Lorna became registered and joined ColeJenest & Stone.  As a landscape architect and campus planner, Lorna focuses on planning projects. Her experience ranges in master planning nationally for higher ed clients, to landscape master plans for National Historic Registered landmarks such as the General Motors Research and Development campus in Warren, Michigan. Lorna provides experience in long-range master planning and documentation and has extensive experience with community input and engagement.

  • Program Reflection
    • During my time in the NC State MLA program, I was continuously challenged by my peers, teachers, and mentors.  An asset to the College of Design and the Department of Landscape Architecture is the rich design community within the Triangle and the relationships the College has nurtured with alumni and design firms.  Many of my most rewarding experiences were the collaborations between the College, the students, and practitioners – whether pin-up reviews, community charrettes, or on-going educational series.  All added to the enriched experience at NC State.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Student Award of Excellence in Communication: SHIFT: infrastructure | ASLA, 2011
    • Student Award of Honor: Site as a Machine for Health | Tri-State ASLA, 2011
    • Student Award of Merit: SHIFT: infrastructure | Tri State ASLA, 2011
    • Excellence in Service Award | NC State Department of Landscape Architecture, 2008
    • NCNLA Horticulture Scholarship | NC Nursery and Landscape Association, 2005
    • Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship | Southern Nurserymen’s Association, 2005 and 2006
  • Publications
    • Salt Lake Community College Juniper Canyon Campus at Herriman Master Plan | American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) — Utah Chapter, 2013
    • Allen, L. A. (2013). General Motors Technical Center: The master plan for the reinterpretation of one of America’s most iconic corporate campus landscapes. SITES, Journal of the Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, 7(3), 6-11.
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2010
    • B.S. Horticulture – Landscape Design | NC State University, 2007

Jordan Petersen is a project landscape architect at ColeJenest & Stone, P.A. in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Jordan has a passion for creating beautiful and democratic spaces that both provide an exceptional experience for the user and encourage ecological and social health.  He is currently a project landscape architect at the award-winning firm ColeJenest & Stone, with offices in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC and projects throughout the Southeast.  Current projects range from sectors including higher education, commercial/mixed-use, civic/institutional, and multi/single-family developments. His previous experience working in the New York City area included master planning projects throughout Asia and Europe. 

Jordan is also the founder and CEO of Lift Aerial Marketing LLC, a pioneering aerial videography and photography company based in Raleigh, NC that provides a unique and powerful perspective of design projects in the development and AEC industries.

  • Program Reflection
    • My tenure in the NC State College of Design was invaluable to my career as a professional landscape architect.  While it provided a stable foundation for the technical skills required for practice, the program’s real strength lies in its curriculum and faculty, who continually encourage students to innovate, collaborate, and engage in the growth and well-being of the local community.  The program provides a diverse toolkit of skills that has consistently created leaders in the fields of design and planning.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Student Award of Excellence in Communication: SHIFT: infrastructure | ASLA, 2011
    • Student Award or Merit: SHIFT: infrastructure | Tri State ASLA, 2011
    • NC State Olmsted Scholar Nominee (National Finalist) | Landscape Architecture Foundation, 2010
    • Inductee: National Honor Society of Landscape Architecture | Sigma Alpha Lambda, 2010
  • Publications
    • “Drones will Elevate Urban Design” | The Dirt, Planetizen, and Sustainable Cities Collective, 2015
    • “Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York” | Published Project Honors, 2011
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2010
    • BA, Economics | Western Washington University, 2002
    • BA, Environmental Psychology | Western Washington University, 2002

Logan Free is currently a Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Forest Service.  Located within the Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources (RHVR) staff unit, Logan provides critical place-based information and resources to regions and forests that help in sustaining a range of recreational settings, opportunities and access, protect valuable scenic character, and foster a sense of place.  He also act as data delivery and standards liaison to the field, and assist in connecting RHVR programs with visitors, community stakeholders and recreation providers in the 174 National Forests and Grasslands.

Beginning February 1, 2016, Logan began a 4-month developmental assignment, including serving as the Landscape Architect of the four National Forests in North Carolina, which is based out of the supervisor’s office in Asheville, NC.  While serving there Logan will work on a number of projects, including but not limited to the Pisgah and Nantahala Forest Plan Revisions, recreation master planning and design, recreation mapping, and trailhead expansions and construction.

  • Program Reflection
    • During my time at N.C. State University in the MLA Program I was given a solid foundation for which to launch into the professional world of design and landscape architecture.  Although I gained many great skills at NC State such as site grading and digital rendering, perhaps the most important skill is the ability to apply the design process towards complex problems that consist of several stakeholders and an interdisciplinary team.  Collaborative problem solving and leadership skills is integral to my position with the Forest Service and the Department of Landscape Architecture faculty at NC State was paramount to building these skills.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Presidential Management Fellowship | United States Forest Service, 2015
    • Student Merit Award in Communications: Coastal Dynamics: An Outer Banks Regional Study | NCASLA, 2015
    • Environmental Award for Natural Resource Conservation: Artists’ Backyard (Phase IV) | City of Raleigh, 2014
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | N.C. State University, 2015
    • Bachelor of Science in Geography | Appalachian State University, 2010

Melissa Miklus is a Design Associate and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for Alta Planning + Design in Baltimore, Maryland.  Melissa is passionate about working with communities to create healthier places through context sensitive planning and design strategies. As the leader of Alta’s Mid-Atlantic Region, she has worked with large and small communities in rural, coastal, and urban settings. Melissa thrives on crafting unique and fun public involvement strategies and enjoys leading teams in intensive multi-day field analysis to maximize efficiency and immerse her team in a study area. Her work executing charrettes for redevelopment master plans, Complete Streets, and greenways have provided communities across the east coast with inspiration, vision, and robust public feedback that drives successful grant applications and facility implementation.

Melissa also leads Alta’s Wayfinding Service Area and has completed community branding, sign design, and placement strategies for vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, and trail sign packages. She incorporates equity, health and wellness, and conservation into each facet of process and product. Her experience with parks, recreation, and open space system-wide plans, greenway networks, and park master plans fuels her ability to incorporate active living strategies into every project.

  • Program Reflection
    • My time at NC State was an opportunity to take a huge leap and change my life. After several years marketing and business consulting, I was looking for a change – for a chance to do something better for the world. I stumbled into Landscape Architecture. It was the perfect blend of science and creativity. The pivotal moment for me was the Urban Design Studio, a multidisciplinary environment where we were given the opportunity to think beyond the built form. We explored the impact on lives, public health, the environment, and economic vitality. Being involved in this holistic approach to community design solidified my decision to take a leap and change my life…and now I work every day to change the lives of others, creating healthy communities through planning and design.
  • Presentations + Publications
    • “Pedestrian Safety Campaigns That Don’t Suck,” National Walking Summit 2015
    • “Creating A Bicycle Friendly Cape May: The Importance of Bicycle Planning,” Multijurisdictional Meetings 2015
    • “Re-Imagining Towson: Using Complete Streets Elements to Enhance Livability,” Towson Townhall, 2015
    • “Re-Imagining Woodlawn: Redevelopment Strategies,” Woodlawn Community Meeting 2015
    • “Thinking Beyond the Building: Aging-In-Place and Lifelong Communities,” AIA Design DC 2014: Smart Synergies
    • “The Trek before the Trail: Engaging Healthy Living and Maintaining Advocate Momentum,” Carolina Thread Trail Forum
    • “Fertile Waters: Exploring the Educational Potentials of Low Impact Stormwater Systems,” EDRA
    • “Landscape as Laboratory: Implementing LID Design-Build at NC State,” NCASLA
    • “Constructing Knowledge: Design-Build as a Catalyst for Communal Learning,” CELA
    • “Best Practices in Sustainable City Design,” NCAIA
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | North Carolina State University, 2010
    • BA, Journalism and Mass Communications | University of South Carolina, 2002

Chayanika Mohan is a landscape designer and park planner at AECOM in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She provides support for projects serving public agencies nationwide and specializes in parks and recreation system master plans and design projects.  Chayanika has been involved in all phases of the planning and design process including project support, demographic analysis, graphic visualizations, and public involvement such as workshops, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, and public presentations.  She has also been involved in the design development and construction documentation of landscape projects like commercial complexes and highway projects.

  • Program Reflection
    • The MLA program offered by NC State provided me with a well-rounded foundation of knowledge that equipped me for my present professional roles.  The courses in construction documentation, grading, and design studio gave a solid understanding of technical and technological expertise while the other studios helped prepare me for my current job responsibilities involving public workshops and presentations.  The consistent exposure and professional network opportunities that the students receive while in the Department of Landscape Architecture are quite helpful for job placement and in creating that first connection to the professional world.  All the courses offered are relevant and up to date to the current professional scenario.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance: Artists’ Backyard (Phase III) | City of Raleigh, 2014
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | North Carolina State University, 2014
    • Master of Business Administration in Real Estate | Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India, 2010
    • Bachelor of Architecture | Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India, 2007

Jacqui Harris is an Assistant Landscape Architect at the NYC Parks Department.  Jacqui began her career in the field of Landscape Architecture by installing high end residential landscapes in New England. This provided her with valuable plant production experience for a New Hampshire-based wholesaler.  Having attained solid field experience, Jacqui pursued a Master of Landscape Architecture degree at NC State to gain the professional experience needed to design landscapes. Following graduation, Jacqui applied her skills to various College of Design research initiatives that assist communities through planning and design.  Her efforts included creating films that supported associated research.  When the opportunity came to design parks for the New York City Parks Department, Jacqui leapt at the chance to apply her combined skills and experience in support of public landscapes that positively impact user experience in the urban environment.

  • Program Reflection
    • I couldn’t speak more highly of the NC State Department of Landscape Architecture.  I was challenged in the MLA program and knew that it would give me the tools to succeed in landscape architecture.  I had the opportunity to explore a wide range of research areas and delve into several areas of interest; a deep understanding of urban experience, child development in the landscape, GIS analysis, community develop, and the design process.  Of equal value was the emphasis on mentorship from the local professional community.  I left the program prepared for a range of professional experiences.
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2012
    • Bachelor of Art | New England College, 1997

Drew Crumpton is a landscape designer and park planner with AECOM in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Drew provides support for projects serving public agencies nationwide, with a specialization in parks and recreation system master plans, greenway and trail planning and design, individual park master planning, and graphic representation for transportation projects.  Drew has been involved in all phases of the planning and design process including project support, demographic analysis, graphic visualizations, and public involvement such as; workshops, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, and public presentations.  Working on various master plans and transportation projects has provided Drew with an understanding of the value of thorough analysis, inclusive participation, clear and concise presentation, and collaborative team environments.  His project experience includes park system master plans for Raleigh, NC, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Washington, D.C, Miami-Dade County, FL and greenway planning in the Florida Everglades and the Naval Station in Rota, Spain.

  • Program Reflection
    • I consider my time in the NC State MLA program to be one of the most influential experiences I have had during my life. The courses and extra-curricular activities that were available allowed me to develop a unique skill set helped transition into a job where I have the opportunity to work on meaningful public projects. The faculty was also extremely supportive – providing instruction on cutting-edge methodology and technical application, encouraging community involvement, and connecting students to professionals. I would not be in the position I am today if it were not for the unique experience the landscape architecture faculty provided, and I consider my relationship to the department to be a lifelong connection that will continue to strengthen my professional journey.
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | North Carolina State University, 2013
    • BS Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management | North Carolina State University, 2010

Bethany Windle is an Associate Planner at the City of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Originally from Maryland, Bethany received a BA in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park.  In 2007, she moved to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, leading a team of AmeriCorps volunteers.  After a year of volunteering, she was appointed as the Deputy White House Liaison to the Secretary of HUD in Washington DC.  Bethany arrived in North Carolina in 2009 to pursue a graduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill.  While living in the Triangle region, she also earned her MLA degree from NC State.  Upon receiving both advanced degrees in 2013, Bethany began serving as a city planner and landscape architect at the City of Wilmington.

  • Program Reflection
    • As a graduate of both UNC and NC State, the number one question I am asked from native North Carolinians is, “So, who do you root for, State or Carolina?” My sincere reply is always, “I moved to this state to begin my graduate education at Carolina; I stayed because of the meaningful relationships and opportunities I gained during my time at NC State.”  While this response usually doesn’t completely satisfy the inquisitor, it is 100% true.  My time at the College of Design taught me to think deeply, fail, and keep designing and solving well beyond what I initially thought my ability to be.  The friends I made and professors who mentored and connected me to influencers in our state are the primary reason I have been successful as a young professional in my field.  My time at the College of Design is the reason I call North Carolina home today.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Board of Directors | Junior League of Wilmington, present
    • Triangle District Council: Young Leader | Urban Land Institute, present
    • Public Service Award Nomination | Wilmington Woman to Watch, 2015
    • National City-County Government Communications Award | 3CMA, 2015
    • Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance: Artists’ Backyard (Phase III) | City of Raleigh, 2014
    • Student STAR Fellowship | American Planning Association, 2011
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2013
    • Master of City and Regional Planning | UNC Chapel Hill, 2013
    • BA in Government and Politics | UMD College Park, 2004

Jim Cooper is a Landscape Architect at Biohabitats in Baltimore, Maryland.  He has over 15 years of experience in ecological resource restoration and project management.  His technical expertise primarily consists of stream and wetland restoration design, LID design, environmental site assessment, soils investigations, jurisdictional delineations, mitigation planning, local, state, and federal permitting, and project monitoring.

Jim has served as the lead designer and project manager for a variety of ecological restoration and LID projects within various physiographic contexts.  He is engaged in all phases of assessment and design, including watershed investigations, site drainage studies, stream geomorphology studies, riparian area assessments, permitting, construction oversight, and project monitoring.  He also performs all aspects of design production, including site assessment and feasibility reports, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bid administration, project closeout reports, and post-construction monitoring reports.

  • Reflective Statement
    • Since I was a kid, I’ve always much preferred being outside.  Earlier in my career, I spent a lot of my time in the field performing environmental assessments, which evolved into a focus on stream and wetland restoration design.  As my career evolved, I wanted to introduce this ecological sensibility to meaningful urban applications.  I enrolled at NC State’s MLA program to explore how landscape architecture could help me to further blur the lines between the built and unbuilt environments with design in ways that improve upon each.
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2011
    • MEM Resource Ecology: Wetland Ecology | Duke University, 2000
    • BS Natural Resources: Ecosystem Assessment | NC State University, 1997

Ben Roush is a landscape designer and planner in the Aspen, Colorado office of Design Workshop.  In 2014, he earned a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University.  In 2012, Ben graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture.  Prior to enrolling in the program, he obtained an Associates Degree in Horticulture Technology from Alamance Community College.  While pursuing his undergraduate studies, Ben’s academic foundation in the profession was strongly reinforced by internships at Sasaki Associates in Watertown, MA, Swanson and Associates in Carrboro, NC, and Elsewhere Artist Collaborative in Greensboro, NC.  Ben’s professional portfolio includes a diverse range of project types including: contemporary residential deign, public parks, brownfield remediation, campus master planning, streetscapes, and urban design.

  • Reflective Statement
    • My time at the NC State College of Design has had a profound impact on the way I interpret the world and has been incredibly influential in shaping my professional trajectory.  NC State provided me with the technical skill set required to smoothly transition into professional practice, as well as a thorough knowledge-base of the theoretical aspects of design, allowing me to frame my work within a greater context.  The professors in the department taught me not only how to be a great landscape architect, but how to solve problems through design which has proven invaluable as a life-long skill.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Student Honor Award in Analysis & Planning: Wood Residence Hall + Wood Wellness Village Design Guidelines | NCASLA, 2015
    • First Place | Deltares Public Art Competition, 2013
    • Honorable Mention (National): ULI Urban Design Competition | Urban Land Institute, 2013
    • First Place:   ULI Urban Design Competition | Triangle Chapter, 2013
    • NC State Olmsted Scholar Nominee | Landscape Architecture Foundation, 2010
    • Student Honor Award: South Elm Street Redevelopment | NCASLA, 2012
    • John Francis Robinson Landscape Architecture Award | 2012
    • Bluford Design Competition Finalist
  • Education
    • Master in Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2014
    • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture | North Carolina A&T State University, 2012
    • Associate Degree in Horticulture | Alamance Community College, 2010

Jared Kaelin is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer at Gresham, Smith and Partners in Louisville, Kentucky.  Jared is also the current President for the Kentucky State Chapter of the ASLA (KYASLA).  While at NC State, he was a member of the Ghana International Design Studio, which received a national ASLA Honor Award in Community Service for their project, ‘Playtime in Africa’. Jared spent a number of years teaching the principles of landscape architecture while working toward his Master’s degree and enjoys practicing artistry within the industry.

  • Reflective Statement
    • Graduate school was a wonderful experience.  Although my undergraduate background was entirely landscape architecture, graduate school at NC State offered me a completely different perspective.  At State, I was in the College of Design versus The College of Agriculture during my undergrad.  This opened new doors and resources I was not formerly introduced to.  NC State taught me about collaboration and enhanced my design thinking to a new level, strengthening me for my career as a landscape architect and beyond.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Honor Award for Planning & Analysis: “Rsquared” | KYASLA, 2015
    • Award of Excellence in Analysis & Planning: Shedding [b]Light – New Orleans (with CDDL) | NCASLA, 2015
    • Best Innovative BMP Outside the Watershed – First Place: The Artists’ Backyard (with LAR Design+Build Studio) | Chesapeake Stormwater Network, 2015
    • Student Merit Award for Communications: Coastal Dynamics Regional Study | NCASLA, 2015
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2015
    • Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture | University of Kentucky, 2013
    • Associate of Arts | Minnesota State Community and Technical College, 2008

Martha Eberle is a Landscape Architect and Raleigh Office Director at Andropogon Associates.Through her most recent work, Martha has developed a diverse skill set in waterfront park design, ecological restoration, memorial design, funding and policy analysis, and campus planning.  In her daily work, she draws heavily from her background in community development and low-impact design.  Her passions lie with issues of environmental justice, community engagement strategies, and education through design. She strives to provide communities with quality design solutions that celebrate and improve their social and ecological character.

Martha earned her Masters of Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University in 2012 and received a BA in Anthropology & Sociology from Warren Wilson College in 2007.  Prior to her graduate degree, she worked for the City of Helena, Montana doing planning and engagement work as well as with the State of North Carolina helping small towns to design cultural tourism sites.  Martha also spent three years leading a small landscape design and installation crew in Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Program Reflection
    • My time in NC State’s MLA program was an intensive but very fun experience where I developed an incredibly wide range of skills, from drafting and modeling software to design theory and history.  Teamwork and collaboration both within our discipline and beyond it defined almost every course, which helped me to develop communication skills that serve me well as a professional.  I believe that NC State’s Design+Build Studio helped distinguish it from other MLA programs by giving students a truly hands-on learning experience and allowing them to monitor their work following construction.  Connections between students and professionals in the robust Raleigh/Durham design community was also a highlight of my time in the program.
  • Awards + Honors
    • Guest lecturer and reviewer | University of Wisconsin Landscape Architecture Department, present
    • Award of Excellence (team member): Euclid Shoreline Improvements | WIASLA, 2014
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2012
    • Certificate of Nonprofit Management | University of Montana, 2008
    • BA in Anthropology & Sociology | Warren Wilson College, 2007

Sarah Konradi is a Senior Design Associate at the Natural Learning Initiative.  Sarah is particularly interested in ways to increase children’s environmental literacy through design and naturalization of outdoor play environments, in order to encourage stewardship of the natural world by future generations.  Her work at the NLI includes programming and design of outdoor play spaces in both formal and non-formal educational institutions in North Carolina and beyond, environment-behavior research, including behavior mapping, in preschool outdoor learning environments, as well as conducting training and professional development activities.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design and a Master of Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University.

  • Program Reflection
    • The three years I spent in the MLA program learning how to approach and solve problems with design thinking strategies have positively impacted every facet of my life, and the skills I acquired in the program have enabled me to grow into a designer able to create built environment solutions that foster and promote healthy, active lifestyles for children and families.
  • Publications
    • Moore, R., Cosco, N., Konradi, S., Archer, M. (2015). Creating Childcare Center Production Gardens. LF-007-02. Raleigh: North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
    • Archer, M., Konradi, S., Lelekacs, J., Driscoll, E. (2015). Growing Warm-Season Fruits and Vegetables in Childcare Production Gardens. LF-007-03. Raleigh: North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
    • Archer, M., Konradi, S., Lelekacs, J., Driscoll, E. (2015). Growing Cool-Season Fruits and Vegetables in Childcare Production Gardens. LF-007-04. Raleigh: North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2011
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts | Savannah College of Art and Design, 2006

Antony Mwangi is a Transportation Program Analyst for the Town of Cary. Antony is a versatile, multi-modal transportation planner dedicated to development and operations management of resilient mobility systems. Combining a mix of planning and design, geospatial and statistical analysis skills, Antony is involved with the advancement of both long and short-range land use and transportation planning, facilities design and research.  As a LEED Accredited Professional, Antony fully embraces professional collaborations in evolving synergetic built environment solutions. Antony is the current chairman of the Triangle Clean Cities Coalition’s Stakeholders Group and regularly collaborates with local, regional and statewide partner agencies in multi-modal transportation forums and technical studies.  Having also professionally practiced in Africa and studied in Europe, Antony has a broad perspective in his work.

  • Program Reflection
    • The hallmark of my graduate studies in NC State’s College of Design was fostering a systems thinking approach in evolving planning and design solutions. Through creative engagements with my peers and tutors, I was able to advance my skills in collaboration and will forever cherish the call to always keep focus on the “big” thing in tackling built-environment challenges. And credit to my wonderful experience in the NC State’s College of Design, I am a lifelong leaner!
  • Education
    • Master of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2012
    • GIS Certificate | NC State University, 2012
    • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture | Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (Nairobi, Kenya), 2006

Mikey Goralnik is a Community Design and Development Planner for Mariposa County, Mariposa, California.  He has worked at Design Workshop, the UNC Institute for the Environment, the UNC Coastal Hazards Center, and the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio to explore the linkages between hazard mitigation, climate change adaptation, and social justice.  He is a former policy fellow at North Carolina Sea Grant and the 2014 recipient of the Wendy L. Olson Award for Public Service in Landscape Architecture.  Mikey holds Masters degrees in city and regional planning from UNC-Chapel Hill and landscape architecture from the North Carolina State University.

  • Program Reflection
    • Being part of the NC State MLA program meant being welcomed into a warm, unendingly stimulating community.  Both intellectually and emotionally, I felt challenged by the faculty, whose high standards for critical thinking and integrity remain meaningful elements of my professional and personal life.
  • Education
    • Masters of Landscape Architecture | NC State University, 2014
    • Masters of City and Regional Planning | University of North Carolina, 2014
    • Bachelors of Arts | Tufts University, 2009